Marichyasana II: Full Pose


Wonderful lead into the full bind
Melanie Lichtinger 7 months ago

So many good foundational :-) classes here with you, David - excellent calm and clear instructions and build-ups.
Glad I'm visiting Beginner's classes with you now too, for the basics that are often skipped when 'jumping' into the poses (esp. in flow).
And tatahhh, could be in the full hand-bind this time with the good lengthening stretch that wasn't accessible before.
But hey, it's not just about the peak - so much goodness on the journey!

Flexibility I never knew I had!
Nyamyj 11 months ago

That was fantastic and so rewarding. Keep up the detailed instructions! You are amazing, thank you.

Great for men and women!
Osogrande 1 year ago

Excellent instruction and video. My 64 year old husband is even doing it with me now!

This felt amazing. I love
tyoung526 1 year ago

This felt amazing. I love how David gently reminds you of your posture and to lengthen the spine. Definitely helps with understanding the proper alignment for the poses.

susan.rae 1 year ago

Wow! My spine and shoulders feel so free and loose. I started doing the intermediate challenge but felt I was not ready for it. So I have started the beginners and I'm really glad I did.
Thank you.

Awesome class
Yoga Fan 1 year ago

Thank you so much for this class. I can do intermediate classes in terms of strength and flexibility, but I don't love fast-moving yoga. So, I often come back to your classes. Thanks to your clear instruction in this class, I felt like I was able to activate most of my body throughout most of the class -- an amazing feeling. It's as if I was experiencing the true power of yoga. Thanks!

Love your classes and challenges!
Hojomom2 1 year ago

Your website is amazing, I so appreciate the work you all put into it! The beginner classes are so great because the instructors keep reminding you to pay attention to the small things (like chin in, core stable, relaxed shoulders etc ) that make such a difference.

thank you. such a gift.
emilyt 1 year ago

thank you. such a gift.

Appreciate the detailed intruction
Julesss 1 year ago

I'm a newbie and love that I don't always have to look at the screen to see what you're doing because you give such good verbal instruction of where my body should be positioned. Thank you!

Appreciate constant posture reminders
Sueloruss 1 year ago

I really love that David constantly reminds me of the proper posture. It keeps me on track and feeling stronger.