Marichyasana I: Strength and Stretch

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Hatha Yoga
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This is the first of a series of two classes that lead you into a seated arm bind pose called marichyasana I (A), or pose dedicated to the sage marichi A. This class focuses on strengthening and stretching the key muscle groups that will prevent you from achieving the full pose if they are tight, such as the legs, back, hips and shoulders. The kind of rotation you need in the shoulder joint takes time to establish, so David devotes this class to beginning that release, so you are ready for the second class.


Loved this as just starting
lizr 2 days ago

Loved this as just starting back after injury and it was the stretch I needed. Pretty tough in places when you haven’t done much yoga for a while. Could follow the excellent instruction without even looking at the video.

great class
rberg 3 days ago

I agree that this isn't exactly a first time beginner class, but your instructions are sooo clear and helpful. Thank you for a great class.

Beginner Class

Great class. I had not done yoga for some time and this was a great start.


Says click the video below to watch for free. After clicking asks for purchase. This is a ripoff.

Click play
David Procyshyn 6 days ago

It sounds like you pressed one of the buttons above the video. Those are for purchasing a download. If you press the play button at the bottom left of the video it will play, as it says, for free.

highly effective
Ilsahuck 1 week ago

Thanks Dave! this was so good. I loved the instructions and was amazed by how effective a subtle change of ''pressing the lower back against the hands'' can make such a difference. That was a new one for me. Much appreciated.


Was super excited to start this yoga practice but holy cow this is hardly beginner. Your commentary is solid helped a ton but I'm just so freakin overwhelmed with trying to do what I'm supposed to do. Like okay stretch & ground this & also move this that way while holding this stretch but still just relax & breathe. Just couldn't do it. Probably not the best video to jump into yoga with to be honest. Will come back after more practice.

Great feedback
David Procyshyn 1 week ago

Ha! I love the honest feedback. Yes, this one is certainly a challenging beginner class and perhaps not the best class to do when you haven't done a lot of yoga. But come back after you've practiced regularly for a while. You'll find that you can progress and do things you didn't think you could before.

A great beginning
Madalina 2 weeks ago

Such a great class! Fits perfectly after a morning run :)