Light Up Your Core with Power Twists

Rachel Scott
Instructor Rachel Scott
Average: 4.8 (26 votes)
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This challenging beginner class will strengthen your body, fire up your core, power up your chest and upper body, and help you detox. It's a fun class with all of the elements of a satisfying yoga class, including a wonderful relaxation at the end.

Equipment: Block
Style: Vinyasa Yoga, Yoga for Strength


EmBe 3 weeks ago

Since I try to be a minimalist, I like this studio. The shape of the room reminds me of a yurt, and I'm curious if there is a story behind the building. I picture it being in a rural, wooded area.
Rachel's clear instructions helped a lot because I can't always see my iPad during a class. I especially liked all the twists. This is a class I hope to do again after the Yoga and Pilates Challenge.

gdtrin 3 months ago

Just completed this. Chubby Checker ain't got nothin' on Rachel!

KBQ 3 months ago

I'm so grateful for this class! I've been struggling with recovering (physically but also psychologically) from a slipped disc I had back in September and this class is just perfect for where I'm at right now. Rachel is so meticulous and steady; I didn't feel any of the "eeeek is this gonna be too much for my back, is this safe!?" that has been coming up for me in other classes.
Plus the exercises at the start of the class are also exactly on the money in terms of the advice I've had from physios about strengthening the core for back pain recovery. Feels amazing to be progressing again :-)
Full of gratitude to Rachel and this wonderful site! Katherine

meh221 3 months ago

I practiced Fiji's Chakra 3 yesterday and this was a great compliment to that class. I really like Rachel's delivery. Lots of variety in the poses and stretches. Thanks, Rachel.

nittany13 3 months ago

I love how you flow from one position to another in these twists. Perfect for after work yoga!

grundelita 3 months ago

Great class. Also really appreciate the options and time at the end for an additional pose of your own choice - makes it easier to get what you need that day out of the practice.

Rbreid73 3 months ago

Some great new classes coming from Rachel - echoing other comments, really enjoyed the core focus to this challenging beginner sequence, wringing out my body like a sponge for the day ahead. Intricate cueing and timely use of props to deepen into poses (especially reverse triangle) was just perfect. Another for the album of top classes from Rachel! Thank you.

mkposky 4 months ago

Wonderful twists! Rachel has an art of making the time fly by while simultaneously giving you a great workout. I don't know how she does it, but her classes are perfect for regaining focus on off days.

junarock 4 months ago

Energizing, challenging, centering practice. Thank you!

Ode2Books 4 months ago

This class starts off with firing up your core which I believe is important to tune into while doing yoga (or anything really) Great balance challenges too in some of the transitions which Rachel prepares you for in the pose prior. Awesome cues to let you know what muscles to activate and which to release, how to turn your ribs, and options to go deeper if you can. Thanks Rachel!