Integrating the Breath and the Bandhas

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This is the 2nd and a series of 3 videos that show you how to use the breath, the bandhas and alignment to feel strong and light as you move through a yoga class. In this video, David teaches you how to integrate the 3-part, ujjayi breathing with the activation of your pelvic floor (mula bandha), transverse abdominus (uddiyana bandha) and throat lock (jalandhara bandha) to create stability and lightness in your body, no matter what you are doing. The video before this is The 3-Part Breath and Ujjayi Breathing and the video that will follow this one will be called 'Finding Stability In All Of Your Poses', to be posted soon.


Very informative!
Tanja Andrea 1 week ago

A very informative and well explained video. Looking forward to the third one. It's always nice to know how to improve one's yoga practice, and how to breath and use the bandhas properly during a yoga class is something I've been particularl interested in. So thank you very much for the theory session.