Integrating the Breath and the Bandhas

Beginner II
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This video, the second in a series of three on core stability, covers the breath and bandhas (deep core locks), which together create stability and strength that you can use in your life and your yoga practice, no matter what you are doing. Learning how to engage and strengthen the bandhas will allow you to feel a sense of power and lightness in your body, length in your spine and will show you how to practice yoga safely. The first class in this series is The 3-Part Breath and Ujjayi Breathing and the third class is Finding Stability In All Poses. You can also find all three together in our program Establish Your Core Stability and Strength and on our Yoga for Beginners page.

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February 13, 2023

Great class! And I'm a bit confused about how to do the Bandhas and expanded breathing at the same time. Will this come with practice? any tips? THANKS! Your classes are really helpful.

Comment Replies

Fiji McAlpine
February 17, 2023

Yes practice is really key in bandha work, it is a new and unfamiliar type of hold which takes focus and some endurance. I would suggest working on the hold then incorperating the breath more and more over some time.

February 7, 2022

Well, that will take some practice! Very interesting, I had no idea about these breathing methods in yoga! I do notice the support and lightness going up to the head but also noticed tension in my muscles trying so hard to get this. I see practice is very necessary .

Virginia Rego
January 28, 2022

After some practice the two lower locks are feeling more natural; when I added the other two I felt my quads and hip flexors tightening but trust that with more integrated practice that they will soften.