The 3-Part Breath and Ujjayi Breathing

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Our breathing is a natural place to begin when learning how to activate and strengthen the core. Our breath affects how much tension we hold in our bodies, how calm or active our nervous system is and how we use the power that is within us. In this class, David teaches you two breathing techniques that you may use in all of your future classes.


The exhale
bcun20 5 days ago

Hi David, great video. Do you have a preference for the exhale and whether it begins at the collar bones and moves down, opposite to the inhale or the same way as the inhale, release from abdoman, rib, collar bones? I have read it done both ways but I noticed that there was no mention here.

David Procyshyn 4 days ago

Thanks! I don't find that there's a reason to do it one way over the other. The more important aspect to focus on is clearing the air completely and that can be done either way.

bcun20 4 days ago

Super stoked with your quick reply thanks David. I have just found Do Yoga With Me and very impressed thus far. I really like your response and think I will join you on that. As you say what matters is that there is a full clearing of the air completely. I am presently doing my teacher training and can't wait to start teaching for real. Hopefully I can find something likeDYWM to be part of in Australia. Pranayama and yoga nidra are my passion so trying to experience as many different thoughts/ideas as I can.