Fundamentals of Practice Day 4

Intermediate I
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Integrate deep core awareness into your practice and prepare your body for safe hand-balancing in this beginner/intermediate class. Rachel guides you in revisiting your foundation to safely protect your wrists when weight-bearing in balancing poses like side plank and crow. This class can either be done as a stand-alone or as part of Rachel's 7-Day Fundamentals of Practice Yoga Challenge.


  • Block


  • Strength
  • Core Strength
  • Balance


  • Hatha Yoga
  • Vinyasa/Power Yoga
March 8, 2023

Almost there and you will be amazed at how your practice will improve from returning again and again to this series!

October 17, 2022

As someone said earlier, I will come back to this class so I can work on crow. Would LOVE to be able to master it. Using the block definitely helps.

October 14, 2022

Wow. I've been doing yoga for over a decade and this was the most stable I've ever felt in a side plank. Amazing what just a slightly different approach to the pose and emphasis on different parts of the body can do!

July 30, 2020

Wow, Rachel you are a star. Could barely do a side plank till today. You make it so easy. Made my day. Thanks a ton.

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Rachel Scott
February 6, 2021

Yay! Sorry this is such a late reply, but when I saw I had to respond! That's wonderful!! Sometimes it's just about finding the right support/ entry into the pose. YAY!