Fundamentals of Practice Day 2

Rachel Scott
Instructor Rachel Scott
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In this practice, Rachel helps you find new space and stability through the hips. Learn and apply the essential actions you need to work your hips into externally rotated poses like warrior 2 and side angle pose, and half moon. This class can either be done as a stand-alone or as part of Rachel's 7-Day Fundamentals of Practice Yoga Challenge.

Equipment: Block
Style: Power Yoga, Vinyasa/Power Yoga


Irfan Kortschak 6 months ago

Great class as a sort of refresher for a low intermediate student like me. Hmm ... The only thing is I'd change the title from "Day 2" to "Week 2." There's enough in any of these classes to last at LEAST a week before moving on to the next one!

levintherapeutics 7 months ago

Thank you Rachel! I have stage 4 metastatic breast cancer with bone metastasis. This is really helping me to stay open and flexible and proud of myself. I have always been active and a yogi for over 20+ years but have fallen away from exercise recently with the pandemic and fatigue and all the craziness in the world. This is just what I need to get myself reacquainted with proper yoga structure and alignment and a mind/body activity, so necessary to keep my sanity. I am very grateful <3

Rachel Scott 7 months ago

Hello! Oh my goodness, I am so happy to hear that these classes are supporting a greater sense of well-being and sanity. I am VERY glad that you are here. Sending you big hugs from Colorado. XOXO

RosarioDL 11 months ago

I am so happy I did this class!!! I stopped doing yoga because I hurt my knee few months back. So glad to have found you! I will renew my membership ASAP!!!!

FrannyJ1 1 year ago

Loved this great hip workout.. they feel so relaxed & loose now. Thanks too Rachel for such awesome instruction throughout (ALL of your classes) and constant great cues that are so helpful and important to stay focused and in good form! Ahhhh! ...Namaste

Gilly Vanilly 1 year ago

Day 2 completed and I feel so good, thank you Rachel. Didnt think I could manage intemidiate but so far so good :-) Thank you for your great "juicy" guidance. Namaste

dukegal1213 1 year ago

I love coming back to Rachel's challenge. This class is always a great reminder about hip placement and alignment, and it works your legs like WHOA! Thanks, Rachel, for the great instruction.

sethflag 1 year ago

Love all of Rachel's classes. Great explanations-Always learn something new.

kimchi 1 year ago

Fantastic class focusing on hip opening in standing poses.