A Full, Gentle Daily Practice

Satiya Channer
Instructor Satiya Channer
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This calm, all levels hatha yoga class is gentle, but also has a few sequences that will be challenging for beginners. Satiya guides you through a flow that emphasizes listening in to what your body is telling you. With a good variety of poses to build strength, flexibility and balance, this gentle class can provide an array of benefits for yogis practicing at any level.

Equipment: None
Style: Gentle Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Yoga for Seniors


aschane 2 months ago

I so enjoyed this quiet practice again with Satiya. I am age 71 and enjoy the adjustment she states for less flexible. Thank you.

PureJoy 3 months ago

Thank you for a wonderful practice. I haven't worked out in months. I had surgery for breast cancer and endometrial cancer back in November and I just finished my chemotherapy. Although I have always been an active person, my 51 year old body needed a slow intro back into yoga. Your class hit all the right spots, thank you!

Nouran Jerjous 4 months ago

This was a lovely session. you helped me to give attention to how do I move and where I should accept my weakness and be ready for improvement. thank you so much.

Lsecore 5 months ago

I have tried so many different classes through the internet and different apps; but until I found your classes, I wasn’t satisfied. I am a 68 yr old female and very flexible and strong. I was looking for a slower, mindful based yoga practice, and your classes are fabulous! As we age, I agree with you about listening to our bodies!

kimchi 5 months ago

I really enjoyed Satiya's calming presence and will seek out more of her classes. I usually do more challenging classes but I was a bit tired and sore today so I sat on a block for the introductory cross-legged sequence and used a strap for the hand-to-big-toe sequence.

Deborah Lilly 5 months ago

Thank you Satiya; another excellent class with your loving presence, calm voice and gentle yet challenging postures. Being 71 I appreciated your acknowledgement of seniors and sharing that even you like to go slow. I missed the laugh but will watch for it next time. I noticed that you asked for requests - I'd like a new yin/restorative with gentle twists, focus on lower back and help with insomnia, and maybe a cuppa tea thrown in.

aprincy 5 months ago

Watching this practice through first, for safety, I wondered what caused the laugh in the middle? After joining the second time: I found myself laughing too!
I was so pleased (and surprised). Wow! What a joyous class!

Satiya, you are a wonderful presence and teacher -even through the internet! Which is saying a lot, I think!
Thank you for sharing this practice and your presence!


MotorKitten 1 month ago

I sincerely agree with your comment. Satyia is a joy to watch, & take instruction from!

Norwich gal 5 months ago

Yes I wondered about the laugh too. And also really enjoyed the class. Lovely pace and beautiful scenery for these lockdown times. Thank you - my first time with Satiya but won't be the last.

lsimons08 5 months ago

Really enjoyed it! I've been trying to get back into yoga after a few years away by adding some do a calming practice at night but I didn't get too active today so I wanted to add a slight challenge. I had to only try some poses for a few seconds before going backwards (for example extending my leg to the side didn't go so well but after a few seconds I returned to the front) but I was impressed by what I was able to push my body to do by going slowly throw the progressions. Thank you so much!