A Full, Gentle Daily Practice

Satiya Channer
Instructor Satiya Channer
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This calm, all levels hatha yoga class is gentle, but also has a few sequences that will be challenging for beginners. Satiya guides you through a flow that emphasizes listening in to what your body is telling you. With a good variety of poses to build strength, flexibility and balance, this gentle class can provide an array of benefits for yogis practicing at any level.

Equipment: None
Style: Gentle Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Yoga for Seniors


fwhst11 1 month ago

As a ‘senior’ with tight psoas, this was challenging, yet relaxing. I loved the pacing and flow. Thank you!

putnam1115 2 months ago

Great class for me when my rheumatoid arthritis is flaring. This class allowed me to continue my practice despite painful joints and fatigue. Thank you.

Satiya 2 months ago

Hello Putnam1115,
I very much appreciate your comment. Very happy that the practice works for you in your body at this time.
That is my purpose in my yoga practice, to create a sequence that I can share with others which enables them to go as far as their own body will take them at any given time.
Thank you for doing yoga with me!

brindmore 2 months ago

there must be some alternative to fire log position
no way my legs will ever go into that formation

Satiya 2 months ago

Thank you Brindmore,

There are alternatives and they all start with going back to the basics of the posture.
Please don't say, "no way my legs will ever go into that formation!"
However, before I recommend alternatives; if you have had a severe injury or you have a condition which will not allow you to put your legs in that position please, please be mindful of your own physical abilities. There is to be no pain involved. There will be sensation, or even discomfort to start with but if there is any sharp, shooting, electrical or throbbing pain. PLEASE DO NOT GO ANY FURTHER!

Let's try to work towards Fire Log
You can start seated as we would for fire log, put your right or your left leg (of whichever hip is more open and willing) forward on the floor lower leg parallel with your hips across your body. Rest there for 12 breaths or as long as it is comfortable. Then do the same on other side for the same number of breaths. Let that be your practice for as long as it takes before you progress.
Let me know how it goes then I'll give you the next posture. Or you explore from there on your own.

Happy Deepening,

Weaselbear 3 months ago

I really wanted to love this one - but I had to fast forward through loads of it. This is definitely not a beginners class - with hardly any modifications offered.

Satiya 3 months ago

Hello Weaselbear,

Thank you for sharing your experience of my Gentle Daily Practice.
I appreciate that you might find some postures to be challenging at any given point along your yogic path. That’s why we practice so that we are able to be more proficient at the asanas to progress past the ‘beginner stage’.

All postures have a modification based firstly in its progression for example; simple crossed legged posture to full lotus, The only way to progress past the simple stage is to practice past your edge of comfort and experience.

Currach 3 months ago

I am a senior returning to yoga after several years. This was a nicely paced stretchy yoga program. However, I've never been particularly good at balance poses and I not at all good with them now. I thought there was too much emphasis on balance poses for a beginning yoga routine. There were about 10 minutes of this class that I just couldn't do.

Satiya 3 months ago

Hello Currach,
Thank you so much for your comment regarding my Full, Gentle Daily Practice. I looked at your profile after reading your comment and realized that we are both over the age of 60. When I made the video that you watched I was not yet 60 and I was beginning to see the signs of my practice changing based on my balance. Over the years that I've been a Yoga Therapist and an older yoga practitioner I've noticed in myself and others that as we age it is our balance that tends to falter. Due to aches and pains, injuries or stuck energy in our bodies our balance is one of the areas that needs more attention. Just like flexibility comes the more we practice yoga, it is the same for our balance. It may not be a strong point for you right now but just know it will get better the more you practice. I admit it is definitely a strong factor in my yoga practice and in my teaching because of what I've seen in myself. Please be gentle in yourself and allow your practice to take shape in your body. If you practice the postures that you are not so good at, know that in time that will change. I very much appreciate your comment and thank you for practicing with me on Do Yoga With Me.

KateInHawaii 6 months ago

I'd like to try before buy. More than happy to IF I know I will revisit