A Full, Gentle Daily Practice

Satiya Channer
Instructor Satiya Channer
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This calm, all levels hatha yoga class is gentle, but also has a few sequences that will be challenging for beginners. Satiya guides you through a flow that emphasizes listening in to what your body is telling you. With a good variety of poses to build strength, flexibility and balance, this gentle class can provide an array of benefits for yogis practicing at any level.

Equipment: None
Style: Gentle Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Yoga for Seniors


Shineystar 1 day ago

These classes are really just inspiring me and helping me to feel calm and strong dealing with stress at this time.
I am just so glad that have discovered do yoga with me and am enjoying all of your classes. As a person of sixty one I appreciate your advice for people of my age, but I will also recommend to my younger fiends and family.
Thank you so much Satiya and all of the doyogawithme team...a real gift to the world at this time.

Yvonne138 6 days ago

Beautiful class! I love Satiya‘s voice and her calming energy. I especially enjoyed the balancing sequence. Thank you so much!

ama_L 1 week ago

Great class!
I have been doing yoga (inconsistently) for eight years but sometimes a combination of being away from yoga for weeks at a time plus a demanding physical job mean I need a very slow practice where I can really focus on poses, alignment, and stretching. This class did exactly what I needed it to! I was able to check in with my body throughout the practice and understand the areas I should focus on in the upcoming week to get my body feeling good and normal again.

Thank you!

Satiya 1 week ago

Hello ama_L,
Thank you for your kind response to A Full, Gentle Daily Practice. I completely understand when other things in life step in front of your desire to practice. It always helps to just come back to practice no matter how it looks or feels in your body. Do what you do and that is to give yourself permission to start over again and be patient.

sgdfranklin 1 month ago

I really appreciated the pacing of this session; it allowed me to feel into each pose. Also, the preparatory poses before the peak poses made this class more accessible for me. Thanks!

Satiya 1 month ago

Hello sgdfranklin,
Thank you so much for your comment.
May I ask do you do any of my other programs? Do you also follow other teachers on DYWM?
I ask because I'd like to focus my next DYWM video on a direction that our participants are looking for.
Not to put you on the spot.
I very much appreciate your input.

fwhst11 3 months ago

As a ‘senior’ with tight psoas, this was challenging, yet relaxing. I loved the pacing and flow. Thank you!

putnam1115 4 months ago

Great class for me when my rheumatoid arthritis is flaring. This class allowed me to continue my practice despite painful joints and fatigue. Thank you.

Satiya 4 months ago

Hello Putnam1115,
I very much appreciate your comment. Very happy that the practice works for you in your body at this time.
That is my purpose in my yoga practice, to create a sequence that I can share with others which enables them to go as far as their own body will take them at any given time.
Thank you for doing yoga with me!

brindmore 4 months ago

there must be some alternative to fire log position
no way my legs will ever go into that formation