Forearm Balance: Shoulder Stability and Mobility

Vinyasa/Power Yoga
Yoga for Strength
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This is Fiji's 1st video is a series that gives you what you need to attempt the advanced yoga pose pincha mayurasana, or forearm balance. In this class, she helps you with shoulder strength and stability, as well as flexibility and mobility. These are essential elements when attempting to support your entire body on your forearms, and Fiji also uses clear description to help you feel the weight transfer and source of strength to hold the pose.


I loved this!
LucyHB 22 hours ago

Ooh I loved this class! Apart from the shoulder work, and hopefully helping me move towards forearm balance, there was lots of good core work, and I felt it in the legs too! Thanks Fiji :-)

My shoulders frequently hurt,
deborahcb 1 week ago

My shoulders frequently hurt, and I realize how much I need to focus on how I'm moving and holding my shoulders during my day. Thank you for helping me keep my minds eye on my shoulders and to strengthen them slowly and safely. Your guidance is reassuring and so easy to follow, as usual.

love love love Figi's classes
chopper 1 week ago

This was a good challenging class with clear instructions and an incredible back drop- Oh Canada, our home and native land.................
Love waking up to a new class !!

Kaoya 1 week ago

Oh, sweet! I have just begin working more seriously towards forearm balances... Perfect timing! :)
Thanks, Fiji!

Love Fiji
solmirkin 1 week ago

Fiji and I have a soul connection. I'm having stiff shoulders this last days and this comes up with the challenge from her that I always loved. I can't wait to work with her personally

loriinman 1 week ago

I wish I'd had this practice before I injured my rotator cuff! As I work toward recovery, this is exactly what I needed to focus my practice between physical therapy visits. It is simply wonderful. And I'm glad to see it's a series. Thanks Fiji!