Forearm Balance: Shoulder Stability and Mobility

Fiji McAlpine
Instructor Fiji McAlpine
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This is Fiji's 1st video is a series that gives you what you need to attempt the advanced yoga pose pincha mayurasana, or forearm balance. In this class, she helps you with shoulder strength and stability, as well as flexibility and mobility. These are essential elements when attempting to support your entire body on your forearms, and Fiji also uses clear description to help you feel the weight transfer and source of strength to hold the pose. This class will prepare you for the next steps in Forearm Balance: Strong Core and Solid Base, Forearm Balance: Workshop, and Forearm Balance: Partner Play.

Equipment: Strap, Block
Style: Vinyasa Yoga, Yoga for Strength


Namaste713 1 month ago

Great class for shoulders. I’ve really focused on shoulder mobility the last couple of years and the importance of strength and flexibility. This class hits all those areas but includes plenty of recovery time to allow you to rest and restore before practicing again. Namaste Figi.

jpolmar 1 month ago

McAlpined - see also "Fiji-ed" verb (past tense) - the sensation of "what did I do to myself?!" followed quickly by the realisation "Oh yeah, a Fiji class" while experiencing (not bad, but surprising) muscle soreness several hours after talking a Fiji McAlpine yoga class.

I've been McAlpined by this class twice and I expect it will happen several more times. I really notice improvements in shoulder mobility and strength.

carasummit 11 months ago

Wow! My shoulders feel so warm and wonderful right now...I'm sure I'll be a little sore in a good way tomorrow. Thank you for another fantastic class, Fiji. You are my favorite and I'm having a hard time branching out to any other teachers as I love the way you lead me through each practice with clarity, calm, and strength! I just keep learning more and more!

nadonado 1 year ago

Thanks for this class. My shoulders and neck have been bothersome lately. The stretches in this class feel so good and I'm more aware of my shoulder muscles. I'm going to pull my shoulders down throughout the day as I have a tendency to hunch them.

duroc017 1 year ago

I had not done this video for a while, and I remembered how great that last shoulder stretch feels. I wish more of the shoulder-focused videos on this site included that stretch, because it is so intense but in a really good way. Anyway, this is another great Fiji class, hallelujah! My shoulders feel amazing now.

HarpYoga 1 year ago

Fiji, I've done so many yoga classes from so many people and you are still my absolute favorite yoga instructor - the clarity with which you explain each movement and pose and the creativity of each of your classes is unsurpassed in my humble opinion :) I learn so much from you and my practice is constantly strengthened. Thank you!

karen77ca 2 years ago

Good class! A little unbalanced with the arm circles since it was only done on one side but a good class for establishing shoulder strength which I clearly lack. Looking forward to doing the other classes in this series.

Wargok29 2 years ago

Great Calss! Just found this site and I am already loving it!!!
Thank you for all you do

cariarnot 2 years ago

This was a great series. The foundational work is challenging and really ties into the goal of accomplishing the forearm balance. I am a lot weaker on one side so the work to build up to forearm balance is necessary fro me and i am thankful to have these suggestions. Another series that I do to mobilize my shoulders and work on stability of the scapula is a wall pose with shoulder 90 abduction, hand on wall, and movements in/out of shoulder ER/IR to set the scapula (not sure if there is a yoga name for it). Also I use Lion pose to work on scapular patterns and stability.

Yoginicath 2 years ago

Forearm balance is scary for me: I am afraid to fall and I feel very insecure about my shoulder stability. Hence, this class was challenging. At the same time I am sure that if I do it more often, I will overcome my fear by increasing shoulder stability. This is the way forward! Thank you for sharing this class!