Slow Flow: Focus on Breathing

Guy Friswell
Instructor Guy Friswell
Average: 4.8 (59 votes)
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This class will help you learn to move in harmony with your breath. Starting with a short meditation, Guy guides you through sun salutations, balancing and standing poses, then seated and reclining poses. You will leave feeling calm, centered, and ready to take on the rest of your day.

Equipment: Block
Style: Hatha Yoga, Slow Flow, Yoga for Seniors


weltengaengerin 2 months ago

I loved the class and will come back to it many times. That said, I had difficulties / nearly didn't manage in the "goddess feet" part to stay upright in the back since my body wanted to lean forward at a 45° angle instead. Any ideas / tips how to avoid that would be amazing. If it is relevant to the question, I am in a larger body.

Guy Friswell 2 months ago

So nice to hear that you enjoyed the class! For the "goddess feet" part of the practice and how to avoid tipping forward so much, I'd suggest trying any or all of these things: (1) narrowing the distance between your feet, (2) not turning your toes out too much, and (3) only sitting to a depth that feels appropriate in your body. The basic principle is to always adapt the practice to meet the structure and capabilities of your own body, rather than trying to force yourself into a specific shape. I've got pretty flexible hips so what you see me doing may not be accessible or appropriate for your body. Happy practicing!

Basia 6 months ago

Thanks Guy. this was a clear and simple practice. I enjoyed the gentle integration of martial arts.

Joanna24 6 months ago

Fantastic class. Guy is an excellent teacher and it would be lovely to see more from him.

Neita 9 months ago

Great class! thank you! I'm doing the 14-day Slow Flow Challenge and this was a lovely progression from class #1. When I read "sun salutations", I thought: Oh no! But these were gentle. I also loved how you integrated tai chi movements into the asanas, which served to build strength in the pose. I will come back to this one frequently!

MaryRose Metcalfe 10 months ago

My second time with this practice but now I'm doing it within the 7-day beginner/intermediate challenge. Always love Guy's calming way and his little touches of humor.