Energy Boosting Flow

Rachel Scott
Instructor Rachel Scott
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Need a quick and delicious pick me up? This flow sequence is designed to boost your energy and open your hips. Continuous movement will help you invigorate blood flow, mobilise areas of tension and deepen your connection to your breath. A perfect practice to transition out of your work day or beat the mid-afternoon doldrums.

Equipment: Block, Blankets
Style: Vinyasa Yoga


sng4ever 1 month ago

Rachel is always great and she is so good and guiding you through a practice. This practice, at first, did not seem "energizing" however by the end, I did feel energized. It was a subtle and sly way of getting there. I loved it!

deborahcb 3 months ago

Rachel, your flows matched my body's need to stretch and feel strong. I appreciate how much you opened up the front side of our body, and your simple meditation was the perfect end for me. I truly felt my chosen word throughout my body, leaving me feeling emotionally lighter. Thank you

ljh101 5 months ago

Loved the "hip circles" in three-legged dog. Thank you for these 30-ish minute classes that are challenging but short enough to fit in a busy day. :)

perfecta25 5 months ago

I LOOOOOOVE this seriess by Rachel! so wonderful to get back to proper alignment and strengthen - especially in recovering from an injury.

Orchidanica 5 months ago

I love this class. A little fast, lost my balance a acouple of times. But The poses are easier after the first two classes. Closing with meditation is great.

Solacvert 5 months ago

I will absolutely do this flow again. Thank you so much.

turnersusmc 5 months ago

Loved the pace and the combination of flowing energy with positive meditation.

kjo.hill 5 months ago

Love the meditation option to conclude the class. Good length, good level of challenge and flow.