Energy Boosting Flow

Energy Boosting Flow

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Instructor Rachel Scott
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Need a quick and delicious pick me up? This flow sequence is designed to boost your energy and open your hips. Continuous movement will help you invigorate blood flow, mobilise areas of tension and deepen your connection to your breath. A perfect practice to transition out of your work day or beat the mid-afternoon doldrums.

Equipment: Block, Blankets
Style: Vinyasa Yoga


joycemarie4ecology 1 month ago

Excellent challenging beginner class. Truly rejuvenating. Great energy. Wonderful space for meditation at the end. Thanks for making my day better!

A mindful class
Elsebeth 1 month ago

Rachel you provide a really nice flow and the poses you have chosen really work the whole body and, yes, wake it up! Thank you!

So good for my aching body!
bettina.hamelin... 1 month ago

Thanks for this beautiful practice. Gets me going in the morning. Good for advanced practitioners who make this a deep and mindful practice.

Beautiful morning practice
Kalay 2 months ago

Beautiful morning practice