Empower Your Boundaries

Rachel Scott
Instructor Rachel Scott
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Rachel takes you through a more challenging sun salutation, focusing on alignment principles and breath. Her clarity, precision and good nature will help you through this class, and you may learn a few things too!

Equipment: Strap, Block
Style: Hatha Yoga, Yoga for Back Care


Ode2Books 2 years ago

What an amazing class! I learned so many technical things about using the smaller muscles in my inner and outer thighs. I love the use of props in this class. By far one of my favorite classes, and I will be doing this class at least once a week! Thank you!

margotkeyes 2 years ago

Rachel your hair looks amazing in this video too! (I am sure you always get compliments on your superior instruction, but had to say this too. )

Rachel Scott 2 years ago

LOL I LOVE getting a comment about my hair - haha (because I gotta be honest, it doesn't always do what it's told ;)) Thanks for the compliment, and I'm so glad that you liked the class!

margotkeyes 2 years ago

Rachel uses the props often to really instruct specifically which muscles or even sides of muscles to use properly for best support in challenging poses. Thank you!! Day One of the Whole Body Challenge was quite successful! :)

afile0724 2 years ago

I tend to gravitate towards vigorous, fast paced classes, but gave this one a try. It was just what I needed after a crazy week with work and kids. Grounding and calming, but something tells me I will be feeling this tomorrow!

Thank you for a wonderful class.

5110blevi 2 years ago

This was my first Do Yoga With Me session, and I really enjoyed it. I look forward to continuing the 21 day challenge.
I appreciate you.

Rachel Scott 2 years ago

You are so so welcome!! Congrats on starting the challenge, whoo hoo!!! Look forward to hearing how it goes :)

jerridot 3 years ago

This practice with Rachel was just what I needed today--thorough, challenging, and rejuvenating. I look forward to the next session!