NY 2021 | Elevate 14-Day Yoga Challenge with Fiji McAlpine

Intermediate | 14 days | 1 class/day
Own the whole NY 2021 | Elevate 14-Day Yoga Challenge with Fiji McAlpine video series:


Reach new heights in 2021 with the 'Elevate' 14-Day Intermediate Yoga Challenge! Ascend to the summit of your practice with Fiji as your trusty guide and companion. The key to climbing high is never losing your connection with the ground. And don't forget about deep breathing... there are no oxygen masks on this journey to the top!

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Maripinto 5 months ago

Loved this challenge! Will go back and start it again.
I have been practicing yoga with Fiji for years so just want to say thank you for yet another great set of practices :)

danyoswitzer 6 months ago

Just completed this challenge and I feel great! My favorite parts of Fiji's classes are the deep sense of mindfulness. Of course we sweat and get a great stretch and workout but it is always focused on connection to our thoughts. I loved it! Highly recommend! @DanyoSwitzer

Mustapha Ben Zine 7 months ago

My girlfriend and I finished off an amazing year with this flavorful yoga challenge. We enjoyed every class of it. It helped us connect better not only with our bodies, breath and the ground, but also with each other. We highly recommend it.

Nikki_Paulie 11 months ago

Just finisehd Day 14! Feels good. This program is exactly what I needed to start to rehabilitate my foot after its surgery. On Day 1 I could not do plank, or transition from up dog to down dog because I didn't have felxion in the toes of my surgery foot. Now, on Day 14, I can do plank and transition into down dog! My foot is not completely better, but it's getting there. These classes have been a tramendous help. Thank you Fiji!

eham 1 year ago

Fiji is a goddess and her classes always hit the spot.

gulbanu 1 year ago

Thank u for all 14 days. 'm doing it a second time and it's a different experience every time.Namaste!

smoor108 1 year ago

you are such an inspiration! A week before quarantine here in Denver I dislocated my shoulder snowboarding. Quickly all my therapies closed up shop and I was left to rehab by myself. With your mindful guidance I have kept up my yoga practice during the most challenging time of my life. I am still modifying but in my 10 years of practice I have never come across another yogi who speaks to me like you do. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

clegay4 1 year ago

Fiji you are the best yoga teacher I have ever had. Thank you so much for these challenge videos, and for challenging me by thoroughly explaining poses I have not yet been able to complete. It has been a wonderful part of my work-out routine over the past few weeks!

Bemaya 1 year ago

I went through this whole series and really love it. Great wisdom in the way it builds, ebbs, and flows. I felt the thoughtfulness and that it wasn't constructed by putting together classes that might work well together but was actually designed as a whole. Very interesting for that reason, too, not only in physical terms but also emotionally, spiritually, mentally, too. Thank you.

David Procyshyn 1 year ago

Have you signed up for email delivery? It begins with Day 1, so if you didn't we aren't able to start you at Day 8 unfortunately. However, you can find all of the classes if you come back to this page.

SchaefJP 1 year ago

Thank you for such an elegant progression. I started the 14 day challenge in lockdown and by the end started to feel real benefits of openness, strength, balance, posture and awareness. The sessions helped me understand how breathwork is such an important part of yoga, and to measure my progress in millimeters. Thank you for your encouragement and the inclusion of spiritual components that truly elevated the sessions. Namaste.

Thanks so much Fiji, have really enjoyed completing this 14 day challenge whilst in coronavirus lockdown here in London. I like you clear instruction and delivery. I have found the course to be at about the right level for me, with some of the content quite challenging, whilst always with an 'easier' alternative.

Cathycurran21 1 year ago

Lovely challenge, thanks DYWM! Great to keep up a daily practice in these strange times.

Erin.keira 1 year ago

Thank you Fiji! I loved how the classes all fit together, and I'm feeling stronger and more grounded after completing the challenge. I think it may be the first time I've actually stuck with a challenge to the end...and loved the journey. <3

Tess Degen 1 year ago

I have now completed the Yoga challenge twice and feel stronger and better grounded. A few of the peak poses started to appear very briefly and i am planning on revisiting the challenge later this year. Thank you so much for you work

alevans 1 year ago

This is the first yoga challenge I've stuck with. I feel that I now have a regular, healthy practice and look forward to many years of yoga. Thanks for this great challenge.