A Deep Release for the Shoulders and Neck

Hatha Yoga
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This gentle, slow, hatha yoga class guides you into a series of poses that thoroughly stretch the muscles around the shoulders and neck. It moves gradually toward deeper stretches, allowing the body to warm up and prepare for a deeper release of the tighter muscles in your body. Your neck and shoulders will feel wonderful after you're done.


very nice practice! my
Lealy 4 days ago

very nice practice! my posture is very good now. thank you! <3

This is the best yoga video I
Genki girl 4 days ago

This is the best yoga video I've ever done. Those stretches really are deep and have immediate effect. Thank you so much.

I need this every midterm and
Sisyphus 3 weeks ago

I need this every midterm and final exam period. This feels so good. Thank you.

millon03 2 months ago

Thank you for the class, I know with practice I will get better at this!

Thank you
mkzs23 3 months ago

Wonderful class. I think I have a problem with my arms where they get too tight and blood doesn't flow very well, but that's just my weird body. Anyway, thank you for another great class

I LOVED this session
arystarca 3 months ago

I have chronically tight shoulders and back due to having a job and several hobbies that revolve around constant sitting and computer use. This class made it seem like I had gone through a deep tissue massage through my shoulders and neck. It literally seemed as though more blood was pumping through my arms than I usually experience. I also felt as though I stood up straighter and looked slimmer afterward which I totally loved. Very good class, and it's in my bookmarks to repeat at least once weekly.

Thank you! <3

More challenging than it appears.
Vikki 3 months ago

As a 60 something year old I don't have the flexibility to achieve all these stretches perfectly but managed most. Quite a workout ! Thank you.

A workout!
oaklad 3 months ago

Very good session. I found some of these stretches pretty difficult to hold and it gave me quite a workout!

I found that these stretches
ailbhet 3 months ago

I found that these stretches were giving me pain in my mid back, had to stop within the first 7 minutes! Any tips on how to avoid this?

Pain in mid back
David Procyshyn 1 month ago

Yes, if you're experiencing pain in your mid back you're likely arching your back too much. Try to keep a strong connection between the front of your rib cage and pelvis, to prevent them from tilting too much. It's all about the bandhas! Do David's 3-part series on the breath, bandhas and alignment if you would like to learn more.