A Deep Release for the Shoulders and Neck

David Procyshyn
Instructor David Procyshyn
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This gentle, slow, hatha yoga class guides you into a series of poses that thoroughly stretch the muscles around the shoulders and neck. It moves gradually toward deeper stretches, allowing the body to warm up and prepare for a deeper release of the tighter muscles in your body. Your neck and shoulders will feel wonderful after you're done.

Equipment: Strap
Style: Hatha Yoga


CraftyBirdie 2 days ago

I found this challenging at times, as my shoulders and upper back are so tight the muscles get tired really quickly, but I really appreciated the clear detailed instruction and enjoyed the results even though some stretches challenged me. Thank you David,

christineanna 3 weeks ago

That class felt sooooo good for my neck and shoulders. I have this tightness or knot somewhere between right shoulder and rib cage, that cause a lot of neck and shoulder pain, and these stretches really helped. Thank you!

Chuckles 4 weeks ago

Hi David! This is a beautiful class as all in your deep release series. They have been my go to for years. Just a short question: why icould it be that my arms hurt a LOT when I extend them out to the sides to push the invisible walls with the fingers outstretched? It seems so unsuspectingly straightforward but it is almost unbearable. Of course, the pain does get better as I stretch every few days, but do you think it is just tension? Or am I doing something wrong? Thank you kindly. Cecilia

David Procyshyn 3 weeks ago

Hi Cecilia. Thanks for the great feedback! I'm happy that you like this class. It's a great stretch for the upper body, isn't it?
The answer to your question needs two different angles - one, the balance between effort and release. In trying to lengthen your arms, if you are tensing too much that could hurt or cause discomfort. The other is the stretch. If you're tight in the shoulders, chest, arms and wrists, that position can be difficult to do and hold for any amount of time. The discomfort could be from the tight muscles and/or the effort needed to hold the arms in that position.

Louize 1 month ago

Thank you David - this is a fantastic class and brilliant for anyonewho does a lot of physical work - bending and lifting etc.
I work full time as a gardener and suffer a lot from neck and shoulder pain I find a lot of the poses challenging as my muscles are so tight but I always work through the entire class and always - guaranteed - feel 100% better after doing it.

Thank you !

ag329 1 month ago

This is the one.
I've done this class a few times before. Found myself with a very sore neck the past few days from sewing masks, working on crochet and puzzles. Nothing would ease the pain, (BioFreeze, CBD oil, Motrin, etc.).Glad I came back and found this class again. Thank you so much for your relaxing voice and gentle but very effective movements. Ah, a sigh of relief. :)

cgrdina 1 month ago

Holy moly! I really wanted to give up after the first 10 minutes.

summer2012 1 month ago

Great Class, Really needed to release some stress that I was carrying in my shoulders and neck. Thanks

anniebell 2 months ago

Great class. Whole body feels great after this class. Thank you once again.