Dancer's Pose: Supple Spine and Shoulders

Fiji McAlpine
Instructor Fiji McAlpine
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This is the second in a series of four videos where Fiji guides through the complex needs of the wonderful balancing pose, dancer's pose (natarajasana). Following on from Dancer's Pose: Balances and Binds, this class gets deep into shoulder flexibility and mobility, as well as releasing the muscles around the upper and mid back that can restrict the movement of the shoulders and upper spine. This gradual progression toward full dancers pose also includes backbends, releases for the hip flexors and core work. It will prepare you for the next steps in Dancer's Pose: Workshop and Dancer's Pose: Playful Dancer's Flow

Equipment: Strap
Style: Vinyasa Yoga


allijean 1 month ago

great class! I have...funny shoulders, so I found that in the final shoulder stretch pose with the arm underneath and stretched out I needed to push down with the extended arm to protect my shoulder and support the pose. Hopefully that is helpful for others who can overextend their shoulders!

Thank you and have a wonderful practice!

shilman.inna@gm... 3 months ago

It feels fantastic! I spent the entire day in front of my computer and this class was exactly what I needed at the moment.

yogacalm 6 months ago

My left shoulder had been so tight for years. This class and in particular the pose where you lie on the floor with your shoulder facing away managed to loosen that shoulder incredibly to the point where I could actually touch my lower right hand to my left hand above when clasping from behind (sorry don’t know the name of pose). Thank you!!!!

rebadevore 1 year ago

This class helped me get through pulling a muscle at work! At first I could barely even sit on my mat, and once I could finally do the whole class I felt so much better. It just unlocks so much in your back. Fiji is so great!! She knows exactly how the muscles work together and her voice is so calming.

elllieb 1 year ago

I really enjoyed this class and it makes me feel more confident about achieving this challenging pose. It was great for stretching quadriceps and shoulders. Great sensations that hopefully will enable me to succeed. Will keep you posted! :-)

Kostenko 1 year ago

Wow great class I now found my other favorite teacher! A true fan of your teaching style.

krisstinahawks 2 years ago

I do this short and sweet practice a couple of times each week. It is perfect.

nadonado 2 years ago

I feel great after this class....the great investment of 22 minutes first thing in the morning. My shoulders feel relaxed and supple. Thank you.

dromerito2006 2 years ago

I loved this workout. And Fiji is great, always the right energy, pace, voice... Thanks! (I wish she had more workouts outdoors - this setting was very soothing and inspiring.)

karen77ca 2 years ago

I'm sure it was just me, but I didn't really get anything out of this. I felt it a fair bit in my lower back but didn't feel like I got much of a shoulder stretch. I'll give it another go another time! :)