Dancer's Pose: Playful Dancer's Flow


Good class to end a cardio workout
crepuscule3142 1 week ago

I usually do a half hour of cardio and round it off with this routine. More fun than the usual boring cool down.

new to yoga
neshuh 1 month ago

First time viewer! I did this as a newbie to yoga and this site. Put into perspective that I am indeed a beginner. But i still could execute some moves with zero issues. Ill start with the beginning videos next time. Still loved it!

Good after doing warmups or another class - not a stand-alone
wmckeown1944 8 months ago

I found this was quite challenging for me to do "cold" first thing in the morning with no other warm-up yoga poses leading up to it. It was fun and challenging. I would just do another short warm-up class first before attempting it next time.

I agree! I did parts 2, 3
karen77ca 8 months ago

I agree! I did parts 2, 3 and 4 all in one session and I really found that helpful. I don't think this class alone would have been as good.

Great set - but not beginner!
EvaMargita 10 months ago

Great set - but I cannot understand how this can be labelled beginner. Dancers pose, warrior 3, wild thing etc - if you can do these you are not a beginner and also the pace - as with most of Fijis videos it is quite fast. I think this should be labelled intermediate.

Absolutely right!
David Procyshyn 10 months ago

Yes, thank you. We have categorized this as 'intermediate'.

Great short but intense video
crepuscule3142 11 months ago

I like to round off a cardio workout with this class. Thanks.