Dancer's Pose: Workshop


Nothing short of amazing
lucklovekarma 11 months ago

Fiji's ability to help correct placement is just astounding. I've learned so much from her, and even though I practice this pose often, I was able to reach new depths tonight and discover more about my body and placement. Thank you SO much for sharing your gift with us, Fiji. <3

Becky in George... 11 months ago

I have balance issues. So, I'm going to need to repeat this class a few times. This is a great class for that. Fiji, I love your steady, calm voice. You seem to give me encouragement even when I fall out more than I stay in. Thanks for that. Perhaps it is an issue of age, as I don't remember having this much trouble with balance in the early years. But I will continue to practice and overcome. I appreciate you teaching us to drop the strap, thus giving permission to stop and start again.