Chakra Three Flow

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Instructor Fiji McAlpine
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Fiji's third class in this 7-part series is a more challenging intermediate class due to the long holds. This power yoga class explores the energy of the third chakra, the chakra of the solar plexus or the manipurna chakra. Vitality, mental clarity, self-confidence and wisdom are qualities of the manipurna chakra, and Fiji supports your journey into these qualities within your self with grace and skill. This chakra is associated with the color yellow, which you can see is a part of Fiji's flashy outfit.

Equipment: None
Style: Vinyasa Yoga


love your dialogue
eham 3 weeks ago

Fits the movement perfectly. Thank you, Fiji.

Really, really challenging
ButteryLeslie 1 month ago

Really, really challenging for me -- had to pause several times for breaks in long poses as my endurance was less than Fiji's. Feeling gratitude for the deep stretches and muscle soreness. I'll keep working at this flow.

Steady challenge
nadomom 3 months ago

There were a few poses I could not do but those are areas for improvement. Thank you.

Challenging and Invigorating!
circelink 3 months ago

I loved the challenge of this class. And I loved the gentle reminder that the judgments I have around my own abilities are just some of the old dusty voices washed away in this third chakra cleanse!

Thank you for beeing here
Purpleme 5 months ago

I haven't done this class for many months now as my experience when I first tried this class was that I was getting irritable and exhausted from the long holds. I thought to myself that there was something I needed to learn.... Now months and a lot of strong classes by Fiji and daily meditations later I found myself enjoying this class as I felt my body grounded, strong and free. Thank you Fiji, for being right here with your movement and words of wisdom and liberation whenever I need them :-)

Moving- on many levels!
emhenry 5 months ago

What an experience this class gave me this morning. Working with Manipura chakra is exactly what I need to do right now and this class served me in all aspects. Extremely challenging, but weirdly comforting for that- the power lies within! My strength, my abilities, my sense of worth- all are in my control and as long as I choose to, I can grow and develop them myself. Thank you, Fiji, for being my guide. The closing was perfect and I know that I will return to this often. Thank you xx

Tough one
oakhazel 5 months ago

Amazing lesson, there were many things I couldn't do and I realised I should only do your classes once a week, as they are a bit beyond my ability, and do others in the interim. I learnt a lot though from your instructions and love your style of lesson and instruction and I loved the mudra at the end. Thank you.

The hardest thus far...
Jenny3 6 months ago

which probably means that this is the Chakra that is the most out of balance. Am I right? Fought through some of the poses - will revisit this program in a few weeks to see how I progress. Thanks for the challenge!

Chakra 3
Fiji McAlpine 6 months ago

Hi Jenny,

This practice itself is definately challenging simply from a physical perspective, there may also be resistance due to work that is needed in this rung of the chakra ladder. The third chakra is functioning well when we feel we have a healthy sense of self-determination, and that we are intouch with take action in our own life. It can of course become over or underactive which would lead to being too domineering or too meak.

Helps to know
Jenny3 6 months ago

Thanks for the feedback. Gives me food for thought.