Chakra Five Flow

Chakra Five Flow

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Instructor Fiji McAlpine
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Fiji's class that she dedicates to the Vishuddha chakra, or the throat chakra, is a moderate intermediate class with an accessible flow for most intermediate students. You'll feel your body getting charged with a power yoga class that stretches the body in a variety of ways, then Fiji cools you down with inversions (shoulder stand and plough), followed by fish pose, a lovely chant and savasana. The fifth chakra is associated with the color blue and the element is akasha (ether).

Style: Power Yoga


Loved this class!
cheaps 1 month ago

Where can I find the written words for the closing mantra . I find it easier to learn if I can see the words.

Loved it, thank you Fiji!
Arctica 2 months ago

Loved it, thank you Fiji!

Good for self esteem for those with a history of childhood abuse
Irishlove 3 months ago

As a survivor of childhood abuse I can say that my chakras become unbalanced in a way that is very tricky to identify. This class is an integral part in the process of lifelong healing. Thank you, Fiji. Namaste from Ireland.

Great for sinuses!
hazab 4 months ago

I know that's not quite what this class is intended for, but it actually helped ward off my oncoming sinus headache (which I don't manage to do very often). Thank you, Fiji!

What a wonderfully healing
Paulette9 7 months ago

What a wonderfully healing class! I love all of the healing words you used. You made me aware of the connection between the 4th 5th and 6th chackra. How our words must be compassionate as well as insightful. I have always been challenged with opening my 5th chakra due to my Dad’s death when I was 6. We never spoke about it. This class has helped me with that tremendously! I thank you,Fiji, from my heart! Love to you as you are helping to heal the world!

Fiji McAlpine 7 months ago

Hi Paulette,

I am inspired by your comment, and reminded how powerful this practice can truly be for us all. It brings peace to my heart knowing this offering helped you to clear something held in for far too long!

Nice class!
LucyHB 8 months ago

I confess I know little about the chakras but I'm enjoying this series. I came to this a little low on energy with a chest/throat infection and hadn't realised that this would be such a fitting class! As an introvert this is another one that resonated with me in terms of being unafraid to 'speak up'. Great stuff Fiji, I did try the mantra at the end, but as someone else suggested, it would be great to have the words on screen!

Great series for learning
Fiji McAlpine 7 months ago

Hi Lucy,

This is actually a perfect series for people to get to know the chakras and have the opportunity to plant that knowledge in a very physical and mental way. I am happy you were brave enough to give it a go, I know the feeling of reluctance chakra work can bring forth! Voyage on!

Chakra 5 flow
Umobo 8 months ago

Loved this practice and Fiji’s insightful comments on the 5th chakra . I would have liked to see the words of the mantra at the end to follow along . Maybe a text rolling on the side of the screen?
Thank You Fiji for yet another inspirational video!