Beginner Basics in Flow

Fiji McAlpine
Instructor Fiji McAlpine
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In this class, Fiji takes you through a slow, deliberate flow practice that emphasizes the fundamentals in proper alignment. It is an intelligently guided vinyasa class that will renew your sense of connection to precise body positioning, while building the energy of a fun, vigorous power flow yoga class.

Equipment: None
Style: Vinyasa/Power Yoga


duroc017 3 months ago

I had never done this video before, but I had skipped yoga for a couple days and have found myself losing some strength due to not devoting as much time to yoga lately, so I thought a could use a return to foundations, even though I usually practice along the intermediate-advanced level. This was truly wonderful. It still packs a punch because it is Fiji, but does so slowly and mindfully. Awesome!

Van_damsel 6 months ago

I believe I commented on this class a number of years ago. Today I am again inspired to say thank you to Fiji for this amazing hour. I cant lie, after a few months away from yoga, I found this quite challenging, but I stuck it out and the reward is well worth it. Namaste

MaryRose Metcalfe 7 months ago

Thanks for the great technical tips Fiji. I had to rest just once in child pose but other than that I'm feeling great about this practice. My crow pose needs more work but I'm getting there. How you balance on that rock is beyond me. You rock on the rock!!!

radhike 10 months ago

Hard to it in one stretch , had to do it in two sessions. Wonder how you do it on hard rocky surface. Very good and deeply narrative with the instructions.

booomkitten 10 months ago

Had to stop to appreciate Fiji's crow pose on top of those rocks! Truly hardcore. Thanks for a great class!

judegreb 11 months ago

Very good class but difficult for me so I did it in 3 separate episodes with a rest inbetween. I look forward to getting better and stronger as I continue to use this class. Thank you Fiji.

Laura Rich 1 year ago

I thought this class was great and I love Fiji's specific, clear instructions. She points out things that others rarely do and it's so helpful. This class was hard for me but so worth it.

Nikki_Paulie 1 year ago

This was a beautiful class, Fiji. Thank you. It was my first class with DYWM, and it's just what I needed. I appreciate the slow intensity, and the clearity of instruction.

I have some concern about down down, warrior two, and triangle pose. For down dog I have uncomfortable tension in my shoulders and often have to come out of the pose if I'm in it for too long. I do all of the things that instructors tell me to do: press into my hands, arms shoulder width, press into my heels, keep my hips up, keep my low abs in, wrap my shoulders into my armptis, keep inner elbows facing forward, drop shoulders away from ears, and with all of that alignment I still experience incredible tension in my shoulders. I don't know if it's because my hands slip on my map sometimes so I overcompensate. But this happens even when my hands are not slipping.

Regarding downward dog and triangle pose: I feel a pinch in my hip joint whenever I'm in those poses, regardless of my alignment. I do all the things, yet I can't bend into my front knee for warrior two without hip pinching, and I can't exetend down into triangle with that forward hip hurting.

Any suggestions?

Fiji McAlpine 1 year ago

Hi Nikki, I am happy to hear you are enjoying the classes and are curious about your practice and your body. There is no short, easy, or correct answer to your questions, though I can offer some suggestions to try. The shoulder discomfort my have to do with over gripping in that area, especially in the upper trapezius. Ensuring your hands are wide with a bit of pressure on the outer heel of the hand could help. Try putting your hands wider than you think they should be to see if it helps. Slipping is also not a great thing, a non-slip mat or some powder on you hands can help with that too. The hip pinching is someting that seems to happen in some people and lmay be a result of an overly tight hip flexor or soas. working to loosen those may help in the long run. In the meantime you could try using a block in triangle to bring the floor up to your hand and in Warrior 2 bend the knee less, working on increasing the bend over time as the pain decreases. Yoga teaches us patience

Nikki_Paulie 1 year ago

Yoga is definitely teaching me patience, and I'm really enjoying it. Thank you for your feedback. I tried applying your tips to another one of your classes today, and I find that I'm still experiencing the uncomfortable pain. I think that I have a deeper issue that needs to get addressed via a chiropractor, becasue these issues have been happening for a while now. It sometimes reaches the point of me not being able to full relax into certain poses becasue I'm so concentrated on the hip pinch or the shoulder/neck tension :-(