Beginner Basics in Flow

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Fiji McAlpine
Vinyasa/Power Yoga
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In this all levels class, Fiji takes you through a slow, deliberate flow practice that emphasizes the fundamentals in proper alignment. It is an intelligently guided vinyasa class that will renew your sense of connection to precise body positioning, while building the energy of a fun, vigorous power flow yoga class.


Thank you!
Mamanp 4 years ago

The detailed explanations of each pose were so helpful. Thank you Fiji!

Challenging Yet Wonderful
sgbarber87 4 years ago

I am a beginner yogi (about two months in) and I absolutely loved this video! I could only get through about 45 mins of it but this is a great workout and stabilizer video. Loved the thoroughness of instruction!


This is amazing!
William Sit 4 years ago

Thanks Fiji, this is an amazing series of poses. I have just started doing yoga for about a month now. Though still struggling to work through the whole video, I found my strength and balance improved immensely every time I attempt the video.

The duration of the poses also challenge me to build strength and familiarize myself with yoga basics in a controlled way.

Hopefully one day I can work through the entire video with ease!

Wanna try
ybinds 5 years ago

I want to try this class, to see if I am flexible enough to do yoga. Can anyone tell me how many calories does this burn please? I am on a weight loss regiment and want to add variations for everyday and want to do this in a peaceful room over weekend in the mornings.

JustMikey 5 years ago

I'm new to DYWM and this was my first class. I struggled to keep up during the last 25min and had to stop. I was drenched in sweat! What a gret work out! Fiji is a great instructor. Thorough, detailed and encouraging. This is exactly what I wanted in a class. Thank you DYWM for making these videos available. I'll be using this video until I can complete the entire class without breaking a sweat :)


Namaste indeed
Butterfly Peddler 5 years ago

I've been using this video to really awaken myself at the start of my day and I'll be honest- I really struggled to finish the first couple of times- like vasodebarro mentioned, the explanations really push you on holding some of the poses. Finally was able to finish the whole video today and my body not only feels charged, but I feel calm in myself. Fiji, you do an amazing job explaining, thank you.

Useful class
Adela Andelova 5 years ago

Useful class which provides very detailed descritions of all the asanas. It's pretty easy but I find it helpful for beginner but not only for them. Thanks, Fiji.

I love Fiji !!
Nikol 5 years ago

It is incredible ! I am in love with this site and gonna buy some of DVD for my daily life!!

The best yoga teacher! Thank you!
jennyjenstar 5 years ago

I have been to numerous teachers and yoga classes in Bikram, Kundalini, and Vinyasa. This by far is the best instruction I have ever heard/seen. Thanks Fiji. I am loving your practice. It was rejuvenating and challenging. Nameste!

I love how thorough this
emilie67 5 years ago

I love how thorough this teacher is, especially since I hadn't practiced in awhile and hadn't been as physically active as I normally am. It was great to be reminded of the proper positions and alignments of the body. I will be doing this one again.