Beginner Basics in Flow

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Fiji McAlpine
Vinyasa/Power Yoga
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In this all levels class, Fiji takes you through a slow, deliberate flow practice that emphasizes the fundamentals in proper alignment. It is an intelligently guided vinyasa class that will renew your sense of connection to precise body positioning, while building the energy of a fun, vigorous power flow yoga class.


keris2468 4 years ago

I practiced yoga for a year and half. I had to take about a year off and decided to get back into this week. This video was great to get back into the flows and to remind my body of the correct posture during the poses. Fiji did an amazing job explaining each pose. This website and video have me so excited to be able to get back into yoga and to watch my body once again regain it's flexibility and strength.
Thank you!

Challenging for a beginner, but really good pose explanations
chipwap 4 years ago

I did not have the strength to get through this session, but I will keep working and come back to this later. The detailed descriptions of each pose were really good, but holding the poses through the descriptions require a bit more strength than I currently can manage. I will definitely keep coming back to this until I can complete the entire session.

oholloway 4 years ago

This was my first class, and I was surprised at how easy it was to get the hang of each series of poses. Fiji certainly takes the time to explain each pose and way of breathing as you speed up to regular speed. My mind is quiet, but I expect my body will be talking to me tomorrow.

Holy Moly!
btm013 4 years ago

Wow haha this was an intense video. I would not recommend this for someone attempting yoga for the very first time. I've been at it now for a few weeks (and practiced a lot a few years ago.) I can honestly say I made it through to 46 minutes and then fast forwarded to the end for some seated stretches. I am drenched in sweat like the others. I was looking for a more advanced beginner video and I definitely found it! I'm looking forward to trying it again...and again...This will be the video I grow into. Fiji is a wonderful instructor. Thank you so much for the lesson (and the challenge :)

newyogi60 4 years ago

im a complete beginner and class was a tough one for muscles were spasm it was hard to keep mt balance. Yes she goes fast and i had a lil trouble keeping up. totally drenched from sweating. all in all itw definately a class that pushed my abbove and beyond my this really a beginner class??

Thank you!
Kaoya 4 years ago

Thank you Fiji for this beautiful practice! :)

I couldn't run today and wanted something a little bit more challenging than the classes I'm used to do on DoYogaWithMe... And ended up getting a lot more than I expected! Thanks to your very detailed explanations, I've actually learned a great deal about my body and its inner workings, that was really great :)

I also loved the very gentle way you introduced me to my very first arm balance

Greetings from Belgium !

Basics Flow
Tsdargan 4 years ago


I found this to be a challenge for me ( I'm a beginner) however it was a good one. I now know I should build better strength. I made it 42min through and I'm proud of that. She's very detailed which is great appreciated and needed at times. Her arms are amazingly tones, which is why she transitions so smoothly! Love this experience! Thank you

Leylee 4 years ago

I am a beginner still, so Fiji's detailed explanation of each pose is a great help to me. The first time through was quite challenging for me, as I do not have much strength or stamina yet. The second time through, I was amazed by the upper body strength I had already built, and was able to hold the poses for much longer. Holding downward dog for long periods requires a lot of upper body strength, the part of my body where I am weakest. I am hoping that by the fourth time through, I will not have to take any breaks at all, and maybe not have to take the knees on plank either. I never understood chaturanga until I saw the flow broken down properly. I am very grateful for that! I am really looking forward to her more challenging sessions, when I am ready, of course. :)

Good, basic flow/power class
morceyre 4 years ago

Great cueing and flow. I enjoyed reviewing the basics and the slow-pace of the class. It is obvious Fiji has had many years of teaching experience and knows how to as for the correct alignment in the pose. I am going to search for another video from her!

Good Review
Bryan67 5 years ago

This session was good for reviewing the basics: breath, form & drishti. Even though it was slow-paced, it seemed more of a workout than going faster as it takes more strength to hold the asanas. Less cardio & more strength-based. Many thanks, Fiji ...