14-Day Yoga Challenge: Day Nine

Fiji McAlpine
Instructor Fiji McAlpine
Average: 4.9 (124 votes)
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Day Nine is a class that flows nicely with the breath, allowing you to get into your body more and experience the deep stretches, challenging poses, core work, twists and lower back and hips releases. You will enjoy this vinyasa power class. Click here to go to Day Ten.

Equipment: None
Style: Vinyasa Yoga


Rbreid73 3 years ago

wow, this class may be short, but it certainly gets into those sweet spots. another typically challenging class from Fiji, where she demonstrates the poses with such grace and composure, while I struggle to remember to breathe! Patience is the key... and breathing :)

sarsacoleman 3 years ago

I am amazed at the difference that doing Fiji's 14 day yoga challenge has made on my running! I feel so much stronger and balanced! Thank you!

sk3tt1 3 years ago

I could not believe how quickly the time flew by, and how much easier the flow was with complete focus on breath. Thank you again.

Vakarian 3 years ago

Yesterday's class was very difficult for me, so I enjoyed today's more relaxed pace. Thank you. These last 9 days have been amazing.

Captain Burt 3 years ago

After day 8's extended session, a short-but-sweet day 9 put a smile on my face.

David Procyshyn 3 years ago

I loved the core work and arm binds, Fiji. Another creative, seamless flow. I'm the type who rarely feels satisfied when a class is shorter than 60 minutes, so it's an accomplishment when I do!

TheBee313 3 years ago

but too short for me. I love Fiji's classes and am always left wanting more :)

SmileMore 3 years ago

Enjoyed the stretching in this class after yesterday's more intense focus. My only wish is that it had been longer! Namaste, Fiji.