14-Day Yoga Challenge: Day Eleven

Fiji McAlpine
Instructor Fiji McAlpine
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Day Eleven focuses on shoulder strength and flexibility, as Fiji threads in poses like eagle, dolphin, arm balances, shoulder stand, fish and wheel. Her sequencing keeps you focused and her guidance keeps you energized and positive. You'll enjoy this one. Click here to go to Day Twelve.

Equipment: None
Style: Vinyasa Yoga


pourgeorge 2 months ago

In the midst of the pandemic, and 8 weeks into the shelter in place order with no end yet in sight, this practice is giving me a sense of hope, light and joy. Thank you so much for your generosity.

aprincy 3 months ago

Though I didn't break a sweat like the other days of this challenge: this was by far the hardest day for me!
I didn't feel afraid like you warned in the beginning of the class but my shoulders proved to be far, FAR weaker than I expected! I didn't get half as far as I'd hoped. I feel very mentally tired, as well as quite tired in my shoulders and lower back.

This class was an excellent indication of where I have room to grow in my practice -while also serving as an exercise in acceptance of where I am in present. Today is also my birthday and so adds to my wonder of where I am, and where I might be in my practice on my next revolution around the sun!

Namaste Fiji, you are such a great role model.

Barry-H 4 months ago

Thank you Fiji! Your explanation and movement into Crow is super helpful.

bluebird 10 months ago

FIji, you are an amazing instructor..! This challenge is great - it is my third round of doing it! And everytime I finish the 14 days I feel so good! Even got my husband to do it. Thank you!!

Archana 1 year ago

Finally, an effortless wheel pose! A Perfect lead up to the wheel. Thank you.

PeacefulRN 1 year ago

The dolphin pose is pretty challenging for my shoulders but I am trusting that with patience and time, things will feel a little less uncomfortable.
I am doing these classes consecutively, but not every day - I practice yoga 3 x week and do other things on the other 4 days - and I am enjoying how the classes build on one another, yet also work as stand-alone practices. Thank you for the series.

tinksweeney 1 year ago

This series is AMAZING!! The warm up was wonderful and then great instruction in connecting into our shoulder strength for another base for those flying poses. Crow has been along time goal of mine and with Fiji’s instruction I was able to lift both feet off the floor today!! Shoulder stand and wheel felt good !! Thank you Fiji for sharing your gifts with us. I have also been enjoying the music in every class. Namaste <3. :-)

abbymagner 2 years ago

I absolutely loved the theme of this practice. After completing the video, I had to go back to the beginning to hear your beautiful quote one more time! "A bird sitting in a tree doesn't spend its energy and time worrying if the branch will break, because it trusts so completely in the power of its own two wings." Thank you, Fiji, for this powerful reminder!

Karrie 3 years ago

Fantastic practice Fiji! Today Bakasana revealed itself to me! I feel strong and balanced!

Volenessa 3 years ago

I loveFiji's classes and I love this yoga challenge!!! Fiji always has a perfect way to guide you into the postures focusing on the alignement and foundations!
Nevertheless, I find that these preps for forearm stands are more demanding (and a little painful) on my forearms than on my shoulders and I am wondering if this is normal or if I do something wrong...
Great shoulders stretches!