14-Day Yoga Challenge: Day Eleven

Fiji McAlpine
Instructor Fiji McAlpine
Average: 4.9 (101 votes)
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Day Eleven focuses on shoulder strength and flexibility, as Fiji threads in poses like eagle, dolphin, arm balances, shoulder stand, fish and wheel. Her sequencing keeps you focused and her guidance keeps you energized and positive. You'll enjoy this one. Click here to go to Day Twelve.

Equipment: None
Style: Vinyasa Yoga


Hannebanane 4 years ago

I struggle with upper back pain (I'm a flutist, so spend a lot of each day in a slightly twisted position), and shoulder strengthening is the best way I've found to treat and prevent it. This was an excellent class for bringing my awareness to the muscles around the shoulder and especially beneath the scapulars, and I can feel the benefit of the strengthening and stretching already. I'm also going through a significant life change just now, and this gave me confidence in my ability to handle things. Thank you!

yvette.marie 4 years ago

Another great variation, and again exactly what I needed! Thank you so much for these classes - I am loving making the time to come to the mat each day and finding it so helpful that the class is predetermined - all I have to do is show up! :)

lolly 4 years ago

Whew...I feel amazing...this was a really calming class. I LOVED the tucked arm shoulder stretch. I don't think I have ever done one in that exact way before. Have a blessed day. xo, Lolly

Jewels1 4 years ago

Fiji, I am very much enjoying this yoga challenge. I look forward to it every day. Today's shoulder focus was just what I needed. Keep it coming, we are getting stronger and fit because of you... and learning to fly.... :)

KAMEN BRISSON 4 years ago

Thank you so much, Figi for this 14-day challenge.... the tips were helpful & very appreciated

Hegemonika 4 years ago

I had been feeling a little bit spent after a busy week plus the yoga challenge, so I was not really looking forward to the class. But it turned out to be just what I needed! Loved the shoulder focus and slow, steady pace.

Talktogracie 4 years ago

I can feel my shoulders getting stronger with each class, and today I thought I finally found the tipping point of balance in the crow pose for .5 second which is an amazing feeling! Thank you once again xx

Captain Burt 4 years ago

Another excellent class, I found myself increasingly focused on the present moment, not worrying about what new challenging pose Fiji might have in store for us next.

kmj 4 years ago

I enjoyed the shoulder focus here - I have had some neck and shoulder issues and I have been working on strengthening this area for a while. I love the strong focus on alignment and safety in the poses that Fiji always has. Thank you for this!

SmileMore 4 years ago

I've always been fearful of full balancing poses or stands. But this class helped me to go further, slowly, trusting that maybe one day, if it's right, I might be able to do Crow pose or Wheel. I'm halfway there, and if that's where I stay, that'll be OK. I know what it feels like to not be able to get out of bed because of back pain, so I'm sure that is where some of my trepidation comes from. But that also informs my caution and why I listen more to what my body is telling me. My wonky knee and one of my wrists were speaking to me this morning, so I was happy not to do any deep lunges or full Chaturangas (though I'm doing more planks to increase my wrist strength. Thanks for the tip, Fiji!) I'm learning so many things with this challenge :)