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  • Definitely inspires fire! Good for a pick-me-up on a sluggish morning. Vigorous, but not over-the-top hard or anything. Vinyasa/power. Will get some burn going in arms and legs.

  • Awesome full body stretching. Whole body is buzzing. Def do again. Even challenging stretches (use light meditation cushion instead of block if no block)

  • Was great relaxation stretch, breath, and relax. Got to do a down dog and some forward folds. But mostly laying/sitting.

  • Practice was kinda meh for me, but DID help me sleep well the night I did it!

  • 5 stars. Good short class that gets some heat going. Nice morning flow.

  • Do again! Amazing for settle down stretch at night. Stretches whole body. My favorite.

  • easy going. more stretch than flow. A down dog, lunch, triangle, warrior 2, but very mellow. Relaxing.

  • Try Regularly. Great neck and wrist stretches! Also exercises for back of shoulders and arms (really good). Definitely do again, and once a week if possible

  • This is an advanced floor stretching practice (with some vinyasa flows at beginning for 5 minutes, to warm up). Advanced, contortion stretches. Twisting: legs, back. Whole body feels relaxed! Good for tight legs or back. Should do again.

  • Very mellow, shorter (30min-ish), full body stretch. Hatha-style stretching. Stretched most muscles: Legs, back, arms, etc.. This is a good mellow full body stretch before bed.

    Did not get in to intense stretching, or extra deep stretching. Just surface level over whole body.

  • Four out of five stars. It's a great morning routine if you just need some wake up and flow! Gets the blood flowing, some mild stretching, and is also relaxing. A hair challenging.

  • Amazing short neck stretch class. Got the best sleep after first time, and neck was so confortable in bed. Absolutely do again.

  • Great leg stretching. Karissa's favorite so far. Hamstrings, glutes, and low/side back stretches.

  • Really nice short stretch routine. I feel it in low back, glutes, and groin. Very good

  • Nice easy morning breathing exercises, and stretching exercises. Mostly stretches, a couple chattarangas. It's mellow. But if you are feeling a little stiff, or need some relaxation, this is an easy way to start the day. Not strenuous at all.

  • AMAZING upper back and shoulder stretch. Incredible. I didn't realize how tight I was, but it relaxed my upper back and SHOULDERS so much. When I laid in bed after, it was so comfortable. Really an amazing stretch session. I did it after turning a garden bed, when my muscles were sore, and it was so so so so so good.

  • Nice quick(er) morning class to get going for day. Legs, lunges, crescents, and even neck/scalene stretches! Full body, but also a bit energy stoking. Would do again for a "get going" morning routine.

  • This is a quick morning stretching routine basically. The first 5-10 minutes is breathing exercises, then she takes you through several nice stretches. It's relaxing... very nice way to start day if stiff or anxious. (not a workout though)