Playful Power Yoga

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Instructor Ron Stewart
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Ron's playful style lends well to a power yoga class that borders on intermediate to advanced. The power of his imagery makes common poses, such as the warriors, balance poses and savasana, suddenly feel wonderfully new. Ron brings a dance-like flow to this class, so be ready for some unusual transitions.

Equipment: None
Style: Vinyasa Yoga


Great - loved this one and
polly6279 6 months ago

Great - loved this one and will definitely do again!

Graceful flowing and powerful
lpyles 12 months ago

Love this practice! Enjoyed the graceful flowing movements of "taking off the sweater"; this movement felt beautiful and freeing. I also enjoyed the powerful poses you guided us through. Will return to this many times. Namaste'

Dusty Cobwebs 1 year ago

Thank you Ron, I have been putting off trying this advanced class only to find it very doable with the occasional modification. I love the quirky style of this class and it left me feeling joyful and energized.

bcfaerie 1 year ago

My favourite video here so far. What a gorgeous routine, thank you!

Beautiful practice. I enjoyed
ssubyogi 1 year ago

Beautiful practice. I enjoyed the flow and focus on gentle self-care. The transitions were smooth. Had a bit of a hard time following cues, but overall loved Ron's teaching style. Very fluid!

Fluid Grace and Strength
Melanie Lichtinger 2 years ago

So great to practice with grace and flow and opening, lengthening visualizations. Loved the sequences and transitions, and the challenges - will keep me coming back. A beautiful fluid way of being in the Yoga.
Thanks Ron - will check out other ones of you too!
(always gravitating to the ones in nature - inspiring to go out there for Yoga again soon too).

Creative class but
juliacowenhoven 2 years ago

I like Ron's energy. This is a creative and interesting flow. However, the cues are not very well executed. I found myself glancing up to look at the screen with every transition to figure out what was going on. I thought it made it more difficult to get into the flow and work on my breath. I also noticed that he did not perform some asanas on both sides, such as twists. This left me feeling unbalanced. I also think this class should be considered intermediate rather than advanced.

Great way to start the day,
DannySch 2 years ago

Great way to start the day, thnks

Learned some new tricks!
mireaux 2 years ago

Shaking the hands in prayer down the body and brushing out the energy was a fantastic way to settle into svanasana - I will definitely be using these techniques in the future. Due to the minimal instruction at times, I had to look up quite a bit to figure out what was going on. This video is best is done more than once.