Yoga for the Upper Back

David Procyshyn
Instructor David Procyshyn
Average: 4.8 (261 votes)
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This class is a deep release for the shoulders and upper back, making it perfect for a variety of people, including musicians, new parents, office workers and athletes. It targets all of the muscles connecting to the upper back and shoulders, providing relief from tightness, aches and pain... all in less than 40 minutes!

Equipment: Strap
Style: Hatha Yoga, Yoga at Work, Yoga for Back Care


Annette23 3 weeks ago

David, you are a gem. The difference in how I feel before and after this class is dramatic! It's insane! It finds every little hidden tension and leaves me feeling like a new person. Love the relaxation portions as well - nobody does those better than you!

sng4ever 4 weeks ago

Gets everty nook and crany. Loved it. Husband did too.

Floresta 3 months ago

I also had such pain the last few days between my shoulder blades and it is now released. Will be revisiting this class often as this is an area in my body I struggle with. Thank you David!

mjtetrick 7 months ago

I LOVE David's classes, and this was no exception. The space between my shoulders had been sore and painful all day, and is now loose and relaxed. Will come back to this often.

srjohn 11 months ago

This series of stretches perfectly targeted the tension I get from sitting for hours at a computer! I will definitely integrate this video into my weekly rotation.

Mhare 1 year ago

I often find myself slouching... this will help build my posture. Such a great opener. Thank you, I found it really challenging.