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This online hatha yoga class is perfect for athletes who are looking for a routine they can do to lessen stiffness and risk of injury due to training. It stretches the hips, hamstrings and lower back repeatedly throughout the class, which is an effective way to quickly increase flexibility.



I use this class every time I
atempler 2 weeks ago

I use this class every time I come home from the gym. Thank you, David, for this great routine!

Great for hips
mjdurandt 1 month ago

I also have ITB issues and tight hips and thought this class was great! I will definitely be doing it on a regular basis. David, you are a great instructor, very calming and you describe each element with clarity to make sure we get it right, thanks! :)

Great for stretching IT Band
wmckeown1944 8 months ago

I have had troubles with my left IT band - it is very tight all the way from my hip to my knee. I was told to do some hip stretches. This class was perfect for stretching the areas that needed it. I am going to do this one on a regular basis. I love David's clear, concise, and calm instructions in all of his classes. Thank you so much for making this and other classes available!

Favorite class!
tbosworth 11 months ago

I have enjoyed many of these classes but this one is my absolute go-to class for my tight hips and hamstrings. Thank you so much for the relief I feel from the arthritis-like symptoms of the estrogen-blocking drug, Tamoxifen. The side effects are terrible for many of us post-cancer-treatment. Your site has been very helpful to me. Thank you so much.

Great for the low back!
November 11 months ago

I really liked this class. I have super tight hamstrings and it was great to see easier variations of poses like pigeon and forward fold.

Thanks again!

daveofnorway 1 year ago

not only did this release every muscle group but it also totally relaxed me giving me that Zen smile that I look forward to each day doing your routines. Thank you so much :)

Knee pain when cross-legged
rpinto 1 year ago

Hi David,
When I sit cross-legged with my right leg outside of my left, I am able to do the hip circles and the pose where we bend forward bringing our heads to the ground without pain in my knees. (For the most part, when I bend too low, my left knee starts to twinge).
However, when I have my left leg outside of my right, if I bend forward in the above-mentioned positions, I get pain almost immediately in my right knee. As if it is too tight and it does not like being strained in that way.
I know you mentioned sitting on a block might help, but for me it's not enough to get rid of the pain. Do you know why this is happening? Are there any exercises that I could do to "loosen up" my knees so that they don't hurt in these positions?
Your video is great for my back, but this problem with my knees is discouraging me from doing certain positions.
Thanks in advance.

Knee pain when cross-legged
rpinto 1 year ago

Hi again David,
Yes your suggestion worked really well, thanks!
However, I also have knee pain when doing the pose where you fold one leg back and "sit" on the foot and then bend forward into a hip stretch, and later lie backwards into a quad stretch. I get a deep pain in the inner part of my knee which I "sit" on, but if I don't point my toes straight back, and let my foot stay in a flexed position, the pain is less. However as you mention specifically to keep the toes pointing straight back, I'm not sure if flexing the foot is ok or not.
Should I just avoid this pose if it gives my knee too much pain? Is there a modification? Are there "knee stretches" that I could do to make my knee joint more flexible (if that is in fact the problem?)?
Thanks a lot

raeesa 1 year ago

This was such a sweet and gentle practice. I just did it right before bed and feel much less tense and more relaxed.