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This online hatha yoga class is perfect for athletes who are looking for a routine they can do to lessen stiffness and risk of injury due to training. It stretches the hips, hamstrings and lower back repeatedly throughout the class, which is an effective way to quickly increase flexibility.



Perfect! Thank you so much!
PianoGrandma 2 weeks ago

Perfect! Thank you so much! And thank you for leaving the resting pose for as long as I choose, not when someone says know, come out of it....

Just what I was looking for
creek 1 month ago

I've done this routine with David before and I'm very pleased to find it again. Thankfully there is no child pose or cat/cow, my poor knees just won't take it. I would love to have suggestions on a next step routine to follow once I have my legs and hips back in good working order.

This was a perfect gentle
Beverly teran 1 month ago

This was a perfect gentle session to help open hips and low back! Thank you!

rainbreau 4 months ago

Ahhhhhhhhhh, so good. Just what I needed. I'm coming back for this class for a few weeks. Loosen up me hips!

Lovely to see you too! Even if it is in video form and from a time in the past :)

Good seated class with a good
rachorse 5 months ago

Good seated class with a good number of different stretches held for a comfortable length of time. Nice music - quite mesmerising.

My favourite class so far
Cheryld 8 months ago

Thank you. I love this class. My hips and legs are so tight and I can feel the benefit after completion. I will definitely keep repeating this class so that I can improve and deepen the poses.

one of my favorite
cocotte6629 9 months ago

this is one of my favorite so far. I found out I can stretch my hip and harm far :) thanks for sharing the video.

I'm a long distance runner +
fortyfive 10 months ago

I'm a long distance runner + a lifter and my hips tend to get really stiff ! I was in a lot of pain this morning. I did this as soon as I came home and I feel much better :) Thank you, I'll subscribe asap

Perfect for post-run / HIIT
msmit245 10 months ago

Woke up all the areas of tightness in my lower body. I could barely walk before I opened this video and now I am moving around with only mild soreness. Thank you David!