Hatha Yoga for Better Sleep

Melissa Krieger
Instructor Melissa Krieger
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If you have insomnia or occasionally struggle with sleep, Melissa designed this hatha yoga class for you. Her gentle guidance is perfect for allowing you to let go and completely relax into every pose, making this yoga class for sleep a good way to tackle insomnia and put you in a calm, meditative state of mind before your head hits the pillow. Note: you will need a bolster or a few pillows for this class. Check out our video, 'How To Make Your Own Bolster', located in our blog.

Equipment: None
Style: Gentle Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Yoga for Anxiety/Stress


thedynamicintrovert 7 months ago

Thank-you Melissa for sharing your yoga wisdom. I love this bedtime yoga class and find it helps me sleep deeply.

ElizabethCamacho 8 months ago

I'm so thankful for this wonderful class. This has become a go-to for me at the end of a long day when I'm tired and want to feel centered and peaceful. Melissa is such a terrific instructor, always weaving compassion and self-care into her classes.

ericsb7 1 year ago

This was the first yoga challenge I have ever completed. It is an amazing 30 day journey. I looked forward to an evening class throughout the day during the past few weeks. Thank you.

sbynum@alumni.l... 2 years ago

This class has been the answer to my six year battle with insomnia. After doing this class, I sometimes keep my weighted blanket nearby, and choose to just fall asleep on my mat for the night. I am very thankful and wanted to express my gratitude to Melissa and the DYWM team. I avoided hatha yoga for a long time because I didn't think it was "challenging" enough. I now see how my ego blocked something I desperately needed!

HannahA 2 years ago

I really enjoy this class as the end of the day. It is calming and feels great. A great way to unwind.
I'd only add one correction to the narration: it is incorrect to simply equate the sympathetic nervous system with fight/flight/freeze. In fact, the sympathetic nervous system is what wakes us up, keeps us alert, moving, etc. It is only involved in fight/flight when it is over-activated. Likewise, the parasympathetic nervous system does wind us down and move us toward relaxation, but it can also be over-activated and lead to the freeze, depression, etc. Both systems ,when working well ,oscillate throughout the day...like a car being driven; the sympathetic is the "gas pedal" and the parasympathetic is the "brake".
My apologies for being so pedantic, but I'm a trauma therapist and work with this and my clients seem to benefit from learning this information. I hope it's helpful here.
Thank you, Melissa. I always seem to come back to your classes! Namaste.

Melissa Krieger 2 years ago

Hey Hannah, this is super helpful feedback. Thanks for reaching out, I appreciate it!

HannahA 2 years ago

Thanks for your response to my longwinded comment Melissa. I'm so glad you found it interesting and helpful as that was my intention in sending it. Many thanks for your work. I've bookmarked several of your classes. I really enjoy your style of leading us through the movements, taking time for the breath, and staying present. What a great website! So glad I found it!
(BTW if you'd be interested I'd be glad to share a title or two of books that you may find interesting about working with people's nervous systems when they're over-activated, etc. ) Namaste

HannahA 2 years ago

You might find any of the books by Peter Levine, PhD on Somatic Experiencing Trauma Therapy interesting, especially Healing Trauma or In an Unspoken Voice. Also Bessel Van der Kolk MD has done a lot of research on yoga and trauma and is a big proponent of yoga. His book is The Body Keeps Score. Again, thanks for your classes. I do them often!

Maralepp 2 years ago

Finishing up a period of extreme stress and being overly busy, it’s hard to figure out how to calm down and sleep. I’ve got this class bookmarked and will return again and again! Namaste.