Hatha Yoga for Better Sleep

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Melissa Krieger
Hatha Yoga
Gentle Yoga
Yoga for Anxiety/Stress
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If you have insomnia or occasionally struggle with sleep, Melissa designed this hatha yoga class for you. Her gentle guidance is perfect for allowing you to let go and completely relax into every pose, making this yoga class for sleep a good way to tackle insomnia and put you in a calm, meditative state of mind before your head hits the pillow. Note: you will need a bolster or a few pillows for this class. Check out our video, 'How To Make Your Own Bolster', located in our blog.


Perfect.thank you. I made it
susan.rae 5 months ago

Perfect.thank you. I made it through the challenge. ready for the next.

Relaxing, but...
clafond 7 months ago

Beautiful practice, but I actually found the music a bit agitating. I had to turn it off for final relaxation. Thank you for this gentle flow. I feel relaxed and ready for sleep. Namaste.

Prepared to sleep like a baby
natithornberry 1 year ago

I just couldnĀ“t open my eyes at the end of this practice. I was so close to actually fall asleep.. Thank you for another great practice Melissa!! Keep up the good work

What a relaxing way to end
margotkeyes 1 year ago

What a relaxing way to end this challenge! Loved this practice! I made it all 30 days! Yippee! And I am continuing...transform your life is RIGHT! Thank you all!

Fitting end to 30 day challenge
Rbreid73 1 year ago

Having Melissa's grounding class to start the challenge, and then end the challenge with the better sleep class was just perfect. Thank you Melissa, David and all for the past month's classes. I started the month as a tired, stressed and creaky father of 8 m/o twins. I've ended the month feeling rejuvenated, reenergised and rebooted, ready not only for the challenges that lie ahead with the babies but also the next 330 days of yoga before the next January challenge :)

i try to do this video almost every night
philmcneal 1 year ago

it just makes sleep so much better! Melissa is the best!

I love this class.. So
Cyn507 1 year ago

I love this class.. So

Great class
b8910 1 year ago

This class was very relaxing and went to sleep really quickly afterwards.

Thank you!