Inspire the Fire!

Fiji McAlpine
Instructor Fiji McAlpine
Average: 4.9 (213 votes)
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If you're feeling sluggish, tired or unmotivated, this quick power yoga class will move you, shake you, stretch you out and make you feel more awake, alive and ready to take on your day! Although this vinyasa class packs a punch, it's a gentle intermediate class in terms of difficulty level, with lovely transitions from common poses such as warrior 1 and 2, chair pose and some core work at the end. The background music is provided by Yogitunes.

Equipment: None
Style: Vinyasa Yoga


PattyRoma 4 months ago

Great class! Thank you so much for this video, it would be nice to have more classes like this one focused on a more vigorous activity that combines yoga with some cardio work. Thanks again doyogawithme!

khuyentran1401 11 months ago

Thank you for such a great practice. Love all of your videos. I am energetic and ready to start my day. Please have more of these awesome videos. Love you!

ftheg99 11 months ago

Thanks Fiji! This class was exactly what I needed. Compact, energetic flows that got me going!

Kimb 12 months ago

Nice choice of music to motivate!

ssubyogi 1 year ago

What a great way to energize my very tired body this morning. Loved the fast-paced tempo and heat. Figi's classes are the best!

nadomom 1 year ago

Thank you for another helpful class. Fiji has some of my favorite classes. Doyogawithme has been a wonderful part of my life. Thank you.

pippalotta 1 year ago

I feel that each day, the right class on this site speaks to me and today this was it and it really was the perfect match. I had spent a couple of hours feeling low and tired and sluggish on the couch- decided to get up and do some yoga and this class was waiting for me. Now I feel focused, strong and no longer sorry for myself. It really works! Thank you Fiji for always being there in whatever way is needed.

green2u 1 year ago

This class is a great for loosening (and waking!) me up to prepare for my upper body gym workout. And a perfect length, too! Thanks!