Inspire the Fire!

Vinyasa/Power Yoga
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If you're feeling sluggish, tired or unmotivated, this quick power yoga class will move you, shake you, stretch you out and make you feel more awake, alive and ready to take on your day! Although this vinyasa class packs a punch, it's a gentle intermediate class in terms of difficulty level, with lovely transitions from common poses such as warrior 1 and 2, chair pose and some core work at the end. The background music is provided by Yogitunes. Check out the Yogitunes playlist here.


I will most definitely be
mmce32200 1 day ago

I will most definitely be doing this one again! Loved it, thank you Figi for another fabulous practice!!!

Fired Up and Perfect Flow
choco_noire07 2 days ago

Thanks Fiji for this wonderful class! I feel so energetic after this class! Love and have been following all your classes

Really needed to wake up &
Dani Smithers 6 days ago

Really needed to wake up & get moving this morning & this session was perfect to get that done. Thank you

My first class since last
jmorgan1234 2 weeks ago

My first class since last July when I injured my back in a car accident. My doctor told me I could return to Hot Yoga but haven't yet as I knew I needed some warmups. Thank you for this - felt great. Excellent instructor, easy to follow with good enunciation in directions.
Thanks again

consistently fantastic!
Ilsahuck 2 weeks ago

Thanks for another great class.

Kj64 2 weeks ago

Totally fired up. Great practice.

great class!
marbro 2 weeks ago

Thank you Fiji, I really needed this! Energy is on the move again :)