Inspire the Fire!

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Fiji McAlpine
Vinyasa/Power Yoga
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If you're feeling sluggish, tired or unmotivated, this quick power yoga class will move you, shake you, stretch you out and make you feel more awake, alive and ready to take on your day! Although this vinyasa class packs a punch, it's a gentle intermediate class in terms of difficulty level, with lovely transitions from common poses such as warrior 1 and 2, chair pose and some core work at the end. The background music is provided by Yogitunes. Check out the Yogitunes playlist here.


Thank you Fiji! This 30
lcf805 1 month ago

Thank you Fiji! This 30-minute class was exactly what I was looking for - I feel loose, invigorated, and relaxed! I also like how you snuck in the yoga version of mountain climbers, I had planned on skipping those today :)

Good challenge! 1 month ago

Energizing and challenging, will definitely do this again and again. Got a good sweat and heart elevated.

Inspired me to fit yoga in before work
Qrious 2 months ago

This really got my heart going but is doable in the morning. Brilliant! Love Fiji's classes :)

The fire was indeed inspired!
Kathi 2 months ago

Wow. I was feeling a bit seedy this morning, definitely lacking in energy. I'm not going to lie, five minutes in I thought "What have I done? This is more fire than I can handle today." I was wrong. By the time the class ended, I was pumped. This is a fabulous class, and it turns out the fast pace was just what I needed. Thank you Fiji!

Every Time
allisoncle 3 months ago

Every time I take this class I feel so pumped and energized! The flow and pace of the class gets a really successful workout in in less than 30 minutes! Also, Fiji is one of my favorites. Thanks Fiji!

Inspire the Fire
jennMann1 4 months ago

We sure did stoke a fire with this class. This was one of the first couple of intermediate classes I have done and I loved it. You are an awesome instructor.

hellier 4 months ago

This great class has prepared me with energy, enthusiasm and focus for a day of massaging clients. Thank you so much.

Fun flow with positive
Kimb 4 months ago

Fun flow with positive results!

Thank you! :)
Lealy 6 months ago

I thank you very much for this fantastic yoga class! I feel very good, most of my favourite poses are in this class. It is perfect to do everyday. Thank you!