Slow, Steady, Strong

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Vinyasa/Power Yoga
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Class Description: 

Fiji slows down this power yoga flow to hold poses a little longer, while still delivering a strong, energized, packed and fulfilling 30-minute vinyasa flow class. Her guidance will help you maintain integrity, while pushing the boundaries of your body with each asana.


I feel strong, centered, opened
npangaro 13 hours ago

The perfect class as I transition into intermediate...Fiji is perfect.

I'm Calm Now
ChloeSydney 4 days ago

Loved it. It's nice to take a slower class occasionally to get back to the basics of poses and alignment. Her instruction was very good to get the most out of each pose.

Beautiful class,.
Gebta 1 week ago

Beautiful class,.
But why you put so loud music to it. Your voice is beautiful, I really can't understand it.

That was the best 30 minutes
downhlracr 1 week ago

That was the best 30 minutes of my life.

Mindful and strong
jwgrigri 1 week ago

Beautiful, mindful, powerful practice. Becoming a favorite for after-work when what I really need is to calm down. Thank you Fiji.5

Wonderful. Basics but with a
Kayeecee 1 week ago

Wonderful. Basics but with a reminder of how powerful they can be, aligned properly and moving deliberately. Bravo, Fiji.

Lovely slow power yoga
Sarah NN3 1 week ago

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this class! I loved the slower pace while still building plenty of strength. It would be great to see more of these types of classes (slow yet strength-building). I enjoyed how the core work in this class still felt very much like yoga to me; in some of the other classes where the core work includes reps, it feels more like an aerobic class instead. (And, for those of us who have had any diastasis recti from pregnancy, the reps of crunch-like motions can actually be counterproductive to healing the gap in the abdominal muscles.) This class gave me a good chance to sink into the sensation with the longer holds in the poses. Thank you for another excellent class!

birdnthesky 1 week ago

I loved this routine. It was nice to slow it down a bit but still have Fiji teaching. The first part was a little hard on my hands and wrists. I wish this site had more routines for weak or injured wrists... or at least mix it up a bit with modifications for wrists problems. I love Fiji's Power Yoga for Wrist Inuries and would love to see some of the poses incorporated into other routines. Overall, this is a great meditative but strong routine.

Beautiful pace and sequence
Janet_ 2 weeks ago

I love Fiji's classes as well, but also find them a bit fast for me at times. The pace of this class and the sequence of poses through the space is very meditative. Thank you, Fiji, thank you DYWM team for this class.