Slow, Steady, Strong

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Fiji McAlpine
Vinyasa/Power Yoga
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Fiji slows down this power yoga flow to hold poses a little longer, while still delivering a strong, energized, packed and fulfilling 30-minute vinyasa flow class. Her guidance will help you maintain integrity, while pushing the boundaries of your body with each asana.


lydia13520 3 days ago

This is such a beautiful practice. Thank you Fiji. Namaste.

Harriettmorton 4 weeks ago

I have been doing Fiji's classes for several years now. This may be the best yet! I only wish it might be a little longer to get even more of the slow, steady implementation of these poses. Thank you, Fiji!

Loved this class, just felt
Anica 1 month ago

Loved this class, just felt really good: strengthening and opening at the same time!

Another great class by Fiji!
tennischik01 1 month ago

Another great class by Fiji! One of my favorites

I might be able to do this
Purpleme 1 month ago

I might be able to do this class in my sleep as I have been returning to it again and again - and that wont stop! The kombination of strength and a meditative pace calms me down and makes me feel strong at the same time - ready for sleep and ready for life!

Great Class!
mdobrochodow 2 months ago

Thank you Fiji! Excellent directions and continued guidance through all your classes mean I don't need to look at the screen as much. Love your style! Thank you!

The perfect class (for me!)
Roaf 2 months ago

This class is amaaaazing - thank you so much Fiji!!

Amazing class, thank you!
ablendl 3 months ago

Another incredible class by Fiji - excellent pace and energy. Thank you! I only wish it was a little longer.

This is my favorite class.
nadomom 3 months ago

This is my favorite class. So energizing, strong and steady. Fiji, you are my favorite yoga instructor. Your pace, voice and instructions are spot on. I don't need to look at the screen, just listen to your instructions and let my muscles respond.