Slow, Steady, Strong

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Vinyasa/Power Yoga
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Class Description: 

Fiji slows down this power yoga flow to hold poses a little longer, while still delivering a strong, energized, packed and fulfilling 30-minute vinyasa flow class. Her guidance will help you maintain integrity, while pushing the boundaries of your body with each asana.


Amazing class, thank you!
ablendl 2 weeks ago

Another incredible class by Fiji - excellent pace and energy. Thank you! I only wish it was a little longer.

This is my favorite class.
nadomom 2 weeks ago

This is my favorite class. So energizing, strong and steady. Fiji, you are my favorite yoga instructor. Your pace, voice and instructions are spot on. I don't need to look at the screen, just listen to your instructions and let my muscles respond.

Thank you for this class. I
EspressoM 3 weeks ago

Thank you for this class. I am starting my day with peace and strength.

Thank you!
Lealy 4 weeks ago

Dear Fiji, I did many of your classes now for over one year. You are simply the best teacher I could ever ask for. Also this practice is once again magnificent and Gives me really so much life energy.

Thank you!

Fabulous class. I feel
Susan Glazer 1 month ago

Fabulous class. I feel strengthened and lengthened.
Thanks so much

Gateway to Intermediate level
MC Lessard 1 month ago

Love this practice. I find it's a great entry to the Intermediate level. thanks Fiji!♥

Very nice class. Just did it
KaiMeditation 1 month ago

Very nice class. Just did it before bed and I feel wonderful :) Thank you

Superb class, very nicely
sreadie 1 month ago

Superb class, very nicely challenging but short enough to easily fit in at the end of a busy day.

sanb0x 2 months ago

This is my new favourite! What a wonderful practice that will certainly make it in the regular rotation. Perfect for when you only have a short time but absolutely need a yoga fix! I feel wonderful xo

chopper 3 months ago

I love the detailed instructions , this is great slow steady and strong class!
Peace ,