Slow, Steady, Strong

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Vinyasa/Power Yoga
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Class Description: 

Fiji slows down this power yoga flow to hold poses a little longer, while still delivering a strong, energized, packed and fulfilling 30-minute vinyasa flow class. Her guidance will help you maintain integrity, while pushing the boundaries of your body with each asana.


Ziegenherz 1 week ago

My husband, who does not do yoga regularly, but is currently recuperating from an injury, now joins me in my daily practice, and this class works very well for him too! So double thank you :-)

Great as a postpartum class!
Ziegenherz 1 week ago

Awesome class, thank you so much!
After giving birth 12 days ago I wanted to move on from `postnatal back to the mat` and `postnatal flow` to something a tiny bit more challenging, but did not feel up to a normal-paced Fiji-class (mind still somewhat in postpartum state....) this was perfect! Totally recommend this as a postpartum class, worked better for me than `back to the mat`.

Love this slow burn!
deedeemckee 3 weeks ago

Adding this class to my list of favorites! What a perfect, slow, strength focused class! Thanks, Fiji!!!

Grounding and lovely class
welldongirl 3 weeks ago

Very grounding and great to help get over some bad jet lag and get back into my routine after a holiday. Thanks Fiji.

Perfect Class
sburks02 1 month ago

This class was amazing. Perfect balance of strength, focus, stretch, and clarity.

Beautiful addition to the
Pierre-Luc Emond 1 month ago

Beautiful addition to the existing range of intermediate classes led by Fiji. Very clear and precise. It might be "slow" but you will still feel it in your muscles. I think this class is especially appropriate for evening time, when you see bedtime approaching but you still want to add a yoga practice to you day... Thank you, Fiji!

Nice session even with all
cmeason29 1 month ago

Nice session even with all the mosquitos outside

Great for a challenging beginner or returning intermediate
Helen Alford 1 month ago

This is perfect for someone wanting to build strength or wanting a gentler intermediate class. I liked the fact it incorporates core work with some hip openers. I feel like I covered a lot of bases in a gentle way.

thank you
sunonred 2 months ago

great class - strong and slow on this rainy day. I needed the long holds of the poses instead of a quicker flow. Thank you!