Yoga for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

David Procyshyn
Instructor David Procyshyn
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This class helps prevent and heal the problems that are caused by sitting at the computer. We move through shoulder and neck stretches that zero in on key muscles that are affected by chronic computer use. Then, strengthening exercises help realign the body reducing pain and discomfort.

Equipment: Strap, Block
Style: Gentle Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Yoga at Work, Yoga for Strength


DianeL 5 months ago

Thank you so much, David.
You have such an impact on my upper body health... !!!
Namaste. DL

CraftyBirdie 12 months ago

Wow, what a great class! Very clear thorough instruction and I feel so good after it. I have chronically tight shoulder and neck muscles high did lead to CTS and also Cubital Tunnel Syndrome in both wrists and elbows. Whilst an Osteopath has helped me greatly and relieved both conditions, I need to work on loosening these muscles to prevent both conditions returning, and I feel like I’ve finally found what I need. This whole course seems to be excellent, thank you!

Cobblewren 1 year ago

This series has been invaluable to me during this mandatory work at home order. I have shared your site with so many family members and friends and I’m sure many of them will continue their subscription following the 2 month free trial! Thanks for all you do.

Annette23 2 years ago

How could I be as old as I am, and have worked on headaches and carpal tunnel for as long as I have, and never have seen some of these stretches before?! I really thought I'd seen/done it all, but David, you really get to new angles, especially for the shoulders, and it feels amazing. Thank you!

Bendyrach 1 year ago

I agree! Some of the shoulder stretches in particular were new (to me) and felt really good.

bloom yoga 3 years ago

I was recovering from shoulder bursitis and dealing with nerve pain in my elbow and hand and this class has been an absolute godsend. Can't recommend it enough. Brilliant :-)

salavander 3 years ago

Phenomenal. Simply fantastic. I can feel so much more space in my neck! Thank you. Wow.

Helen P 4 years ago

I have been working my through all David's neck, shoulder and upper back classes and it has really made a difference, I am feeling much less tight now in that area. I particuarly like this class because it includes the hands and wrists and also some strengthening. All in all a fantastic class!

rbharat2411 4 years ago

The neck exercises in the beginning have completely taken away my neck pain upon doing this for 2 weeks! Thank you so much.

rachyrach 4 years ago

I get a lot of pain in my forearms and haven't so far found a class that really concentrates on that. It's the tendon from the fingers to the elbow joint, gets very sore from typing a lot. Is there any class that focusses on that?