NY 2021 | Grounding and Strength 14-Day Beginner Yoga Challenge

Beginner | 14 days | 1 class/day


This 14-day beginner yoga challenge focuses on the themes of grounding, nurturing and strengthening. This is a challenge suitable for busy moms who don't have a lot of free time during the week but can find more time during the weekend. It's designed for the shorter classes during the week to be 40 minutes or less, while the weekend classes are approximately 60 minutes should you choose to begin the challenge on a Monday.

Some of these classes require yoga props, such as a block, strap or bolster. If you need a prop for the class, it will be listed below the instructor's name.

This challenge:

  • will feature the Day 1 video on Jan. 1st, with the videos posted daily after that
  • features a music playlist for each class, designed by the teacher
  • is FREE for the first three days

To join: If you already have a subscription, you don't need to do anything. If you are not a subscriber, choose an option on the right to enter the challenge - $14 to just do this challenge (that is accessible forever), or a subscription that auto-renews for $10/month or $99/year.

Want to join but are short on cash? Apply for a bursary.

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oakhazel 4 months ago

I really really enjoyed this challenge - thank you. I confess that I avoided day 5 and didn't really enjoy day 14 but other than that - amazing!

bcramer35 4 months ago

Is it possible top see the classes before purchasing? I'm just looking for an idea of what the challenge offers.

Clare Nicholls-... 4 months ago

Hi Bcramer35,

Unfortunately not, but if you enter "Rachel's 7-Day Inversion Challenge" in the search bar, you can view the description of each class for more information.

I hope this helps!


Loi354 5 months ago

Hello I just got a subscription for a year. Even though the beginner Grounding and Strength passed - can I start this challenge? I also notice to send to your inbox it says “first 3 days free” is there a charge thereafter even though I bought full-year subscription?
Thank you, Lois Hriczak

Clare Nicholls-... 5 months ago

Hi Loi354,

Yes, absolutely! You can take the challenge anytime.

The first 3 days are free for non-subscribers so there will be no extra charge to you since you already have a subscription :)

I hope this helps. Let me know if you have any other questions.

Loi354 4 months ago

Thank you Clare. Looking forward to doing the challenge. Lois

Neita 6 months ago

I really enjoyed this challenge. The classes were enjoyable and I've increased my strength & flexibility!

Just curious - what happened to the original Day 12 new class [that was replaced with David's Yoga for the Upper Back]?

debkiger 6 months ago

Just about to do Class 14, but I’m procrastinating because I don’t want it to be over! Thanks so much for the thoughtful curation and sequencing; I really like most of the new classes.

mlasnier 6 months ago

I'm at Day 8 and I'm also loving it! Carving time for me every day has been the best way to start the year. I have 3 kids and full time job, so I didn't think it would be possible, but the classes are the perfect length and I realize it's feasible...Thank you so much for providing such high quality classes, I'm feeling better already!

mauaflower 6 months ago

I got to Day 8 of daily practising and started to lose motivation as the classes got harder (and the arthritis in my knee started to hurt). One of the hardest things for me is to take a day off and get started again. I’m just wondering whether the format of these challenges ( progressing to harder and longer classes) is the best approach as my body gets stronger but also more tired. I understand there are options (ie Programs) but I do like these challenges!

mayajenk 6 months ago

Loving the format of this. I like how each day a new video is released which keeps me on track and motivated. The classes are really helping me come into the new year embracing myself for who I am, finding myself again (I recently had a baby and kind of forgot that I am a person as well as a mother for a little while), and building strength back so I can further my practice throughout this next year. Thank you for the programs and challenges!

allibar 6 months ago

Once again I’m loving the new challenge - they really motivate me. Just a dumb techi question - I play dywm on my ipad, if I want the spotify playlist do i have to run that on another device? can’t figure out how to run both at the same time ?

moflrnz 6 months ago

Hi Allibar, I think you should be able to play Spotify in the background while using other apps. If you can't, try opening up the app switcher and close out of all the apps you see. Then relaunch Spotify, go to the DYWM site and see if it works... I have'nt tried, really, but I know it works while running a game, with an android. I know it's not the same, but you don't lose anything by trying :)

wigumuc 6 months ago

Loved day 1 of this challenge! Great way to restart my practice ❤️

Neita 7 months ago

Yay for new classes from Melissa & Guy!!!