Poise and Perseverance 30-Day Yoga Challenge

Advanced | 30 days | 1 class/day


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Challenge Description
Featuring 15 brand new classes and 7 teachers, this unique 30-Day Yoga Challenge has been designed to move you through a progression that honors your body’s needs, challenging you when you are ready and giving you a much-needed break when the time is right. Many of the classes will be difficult at times, and your teacher will skillfully guide you through those challenging sections so you feel prepared, confident and safe.

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MarieLaure 1 year ago

A big THANK YOU ! This is the first yoga challenge I complete, taking advantage of the free time and of your offer during the corona virus , and I loved it! This is a great way to practise every day and discover new teatchers. I can already notice some progress in my physical pracice and also in my internal practice, by listening to my self and slowing down when necessary. The rythm of the classes was very nice as well.

Karolina Glab 1 year ago

Thank you very much for this challenge! I am impressed with the wise sequencing of each session! I think I did a little progress! The most challenging being the jivamukti yoga...I was a bit frustrated, but then...millimeter by millimeter, maybe one day...but what`s amazing how strong I feel today, just after completing the last session! Thank you very much! What to do next? :)

jmitton 1 year ago

It has been a great way to start the new year and to experience a variety of gifted teachers and kinds of yoga. It is apparent a lot of thought was given to the sequencing of the 30 days. Well worth the journey.

Paulette9 1 year ago

A great way to start the New Year!!! You offered a nice variety of classes and instructors. I loved the yin classes that you interspersed. It was nice that all classes were not advanced, but it was something to progress toward. The latter classes had challenging moments, but not overwhelming. I definitely feel that I have advanced in my practice! And having a class from Tracy was the perfect end to the challenge! Thanks so much for all you do!!