The Elements 14-Day Yoga Challenge

Intermediate/Advanced | 14 days | 1 class/day


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Challenge Description
This 14-day yoga challenge progresses through 14 days of intermediate classes that focus on yoga's five elements: earth, water, fire, air, and space/ether, spending time on specific element while working to balancing them all. Crista helps you reflect on the elements’ qualities and how you can bring different kinds of energy into your life both on and off your mat. Incorporating meditation, chanting, breathwork and asana, this introduction to the elements is as varied and fun as it is deep.

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Barbara Hume 1 year ago

Crista’s depth and breadth of all that is yoga is evident in every session of this challenge. Her joyful and succinct direction uses the elements as a system for self-searching. Incorporating pranayama, hand mudras and seed words into these creative and significant asanas brought richness and wholeness to the practice. Crista’s language, cues and audible breathing truly made this a moving meditation. I felt in the moment many times. Her playfulness, compassion and finding the edge balanced beautifully. This challenge was the perfect medicine for me in this time of world trauma, anxiety and reckoning. My lethargy has been eradicated and my light shines brighter. Feeling strong and open, awake and aroused, and peaceful. Christa is like the Red Bird in Mary Oliver‘s poem “Red Bird Explains Himself”. She brings music to the body that it needs and wants and cultivates the essence already there.
Many Oms and heart-full gratitude.
Just this...

BerlinYogini 1 year ago

What a wonderful challenge. It really helped to motivate myself to practice yoga every day. Crista is such a beautiful soul and I can't wait to do all of her other classes. Namaste!

FairfaxYoga 1 year ago

Just finished this challenge for the second time, with a few months in between. Such a wonderful mind-body-spirit practice. Thank you Christa!

SarahLawson 1 year ago

Thank you Crista! I really enjoyed the challenge of these classes. I feel like I have released some tensions I have been holding for months, maybe years, in my neck. I liked thinking about the elements that were more or less challenging for me in general and on each day.

ama1031 1 year ago

What an amazing challenge! I was not sure what to expect, but each day drew me more to center. The poses brought humor, persistence and trust to my practice. The mantra's brought a peacefulness and calmness to my days. Thank you for creating an opportunity for us to experience this type of yoga.

earthcrunchy 1 year ago

Finished this challenge smiling and clapping like a kid! Crista's series helped me reach a new level of steadiness in poses I've been doing for years. Yeah, those little gains matter. Never thought much about the association between asanas and elements, so that was cool. I enjoyed the silliness that she brought into several session to help shake out the stresses of the day. Felt weird at first but quickly became a welcomed element. Crista's series helped increase my commitment to make more time for yoga in any given week. Thanks for putting this together!

oliviajoules 1 year ago

Just completed the challenge. I am getting back to a regular practice after having two babies back and back. While the classes were challenging at times and I could not do some of the inversions I really enjoyed the challenge. I took a day off in between as my body is still getting used to the practice. Christa is a great teacher and I actually looked forward to the sessions each day. Namaste!

I've not managed to do consecutive days as I often have a young daughter under my feet, but I have so far this week completed days 1, 2 and 3 whilst on 'lockdown'. Thanks so much DYWM for the free subscription and thank you Christa for a very challenging but accessible set of sequences. Particularly enjoying the sound effects and inhibitionless breath outs! hehe. Lauren, 33 years old, UK + trainee yoga teacher @affordableyogaworthing x

llacey 1 year ago

In this challenge I encountered some of my favorite yoga experiences in over 20 years of practice. Thank you.

Jackie Yocum 1 year ago

This was a great yoga challenge for the new year. Just finished up the 14 days and really enjoyed the flow sequences and explanations of the elements. Thank you Christa! #dywm2020newyearschallenge,