Basics and Beyond 7-Day Yoga Challenge with Melissa Krieger

Beginner | 1 Week | 1 class/day
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Join Melissa for her first DoYogaWithMe Challenge! Her Basics and Beyond 7-Day Yoga Challenge will take you through a series of beginner classes that gradually build on each other, helping you to progress, improve your skills, improve mobility and strengthen your body.

Each class is under one hour and focuses on a different way to move. You’ll learn how to use your breath to engage your core, twist and backbend with integrity, side stretch and forward fold with ease. Then on the last day, you will integrate everything you’ve learned! Melissa also includes a wonderful, short savasana at the end of each day.

Bringing back the basics makes this challenge perfect for all levels. Whether you’re just beginning your journey or are more of a seasoned yogi, this series offers accessible classes for everyone.

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Day 1

Basics and Beyond : Breath and Basics

Melissa Krieger
Instructor Melissa Krieger

Difficulty: Beginner
Props: Block

Day 1 begins with a gentle, full body practice that teaches you basic yoga positions and how to connect your breath to your core. It also introduces you to the different shapes that you will work into throughout this challenge.

Day 2

Basics and Beyond : Balance

Melissa Krieger
Instructor Melissa Krieger

Difficulty: Beginner
Props: Block

Building on everything you've learnt in Day 1, Melissa teaches you how to balance on your feet and on all-fours using your breath, core and leg strength in this strong but gentle class.

Day 3

Basics and Beyond : Gentle Backbends

Melissa Krieger
Instructor Melissa Krieger

Difficulty: Beginner
Props: 2 Blocks, Blanket

Learning to backbend carefully and effectively can have many benefits. On Day 3, you learn how to perform gentle backbends on your back, stomach, all-fours and standing while engaging your deep core muscles to keep your back feeling strong and safe.

Day 4

Day 5

Basics and Beyond : Twists

Melissa Krieger
Instructor Melissa Krieger

Difficulty: Beginner
Props: 2 Blocks

Get ready for some twists! This short and sweet class on Day 5 focuses on various twisting poses, helping to release the spine while also getting into the hips and shoulders for a full body practice.

Day 6

Day 7

In Conclusion

We hope you enjoyed this challenge. Comment below if you have anything to share with the DYWM community!

Comments 2 weeks ago

Some time ago, before I became a subscriber, I purchased a class. However, I have never viewed again since I’m not sure where it resides. I will be going away in August for a couple of weeks where I won’t have internet. I am considering purchasing several classes so I have some I can use while away. Can you advise as to to how to store the classes I purchase so I can view them whenever I wish?

Ashley D 5 months ago

Beautiful challenge. I enjoyed my week with Melissa!

roadsofa 6 months ago

Thank you Mellisa. This 7 day challenge was excellent. I highly recommend it for beginners or anyone returning to yoga.

pg918 8 months ago

Just finished Day 7! Have been sedentary for a number of years and Covid hasn’t helped. Thank you, Melissa!! Looking forward to regaining peace of mind and improving my flexibility.

tbosworth 9 months ago

Hi, Melissa! Just popping in to say thank you so much for this 7-Day Challenge. I have thoroughly enjoyed it three times now! I'm about to start it for the fourth time and I definitely have been feeling a little stronger and steadier each time. I love the feeling of progress. The whole series is such a great whole-body stretch and body wake-up. Sometimes I alternate days with David's "Hips, Hamstrings, and Lower Back" for concentration on those areas of need because hiking and walking are my main exercise other than my laptop time on the floor with you. Love it so much! You are awesome. THANK YOU!

SandrineThinnes 1 year ago

I've practiced this challenge over the past week. I fully enjoyed it and I have learned so much even though I am practicing yoga on a daily basis since 8 years. I have noted that one should always revisit the basics so as to keep the body in alignment and use the right muscles to go through or support the poses.

Joy Michelle 1 year ago

This was a great series. I recommend it for beginners and those more advanced.
Melissa, if you read this, I thoroughly enjoyed your lessons. You have a great presence about you and I found your classes to be motivating and calming. Namaste.

Carrie Compton 1 year ago

Melissa I thoroughly enjoyed this 7 day challenge! Thanks for your wonderful presence and style of guiding. Your words of instruction are perfect and I rarely have to divert my attention to the screen to see what I'm supposed to be doing. Thank You and Namasta!

marobinson58 1 year ago

Hi Melissa, that was a great 7 day course. Overall I think i did OK. I am a relative beginner to Yoga, 62 YO male (Retired Soldier). Can you recommend a continuation program for me. Thanks in advance.

Sandra Stedinger 1 year ago

I want to start on the Basics an Beyond class. Is this done on my own schedule? How do I get started? // Sandy

David Procyshyn 1 year ago

Hi Sandy. You can begin when you want to. You're meant to do one class per day, but you can take a break anytime if you need to.

twilightbat 1 year ago

I wrote a comment to one of the videos, but I should have done it here : THANK YOU for this! It is ideal to regain some footing after a bout of fatigue – the sessions are short enough that I won't recoil from the effort, challenging enough that I definitely feel I have been working. Plus the Melissa Touch: a wonderful, pressure-free way to make us listen to our body, its discoveries, and its preferences. I feel I understand better some of the poses I have been doing for years.

KaCee51 1 year ago

After finishing this challenge what would you recommend next?

David Procyshyn 1 year ago

Hi there. I would recommend Rachel's 7-Day Challenge. It's a little more challenging and it's very good,

Camomilla 1 year ago

I've just finished this series and I LOVED it. I have to admit I am partial to Melissa because I love the way she teaches (her morning hatha yoga video must be my favorite ever), but this even exceeded my expectations. The sequences were very relaxing; they might be "easy" but I find that the slow pace allows me to concentrate more and to give 100% of my attention to what I am doing, which is a big challenge. Highly recommended!

StevenLudmon 1 year ago

Thanks for the course Melissa, just finished it this morning, loved it!
Ready to start the next challenge tomorrow...

Thanks for your email Melissa. Tomorrow I will do the last class in the 21-day whole body practice that being your long restorative practice and then I plan to dive into this new 7 day practice. I look forward to seeing you at Salt Spring as the world should be back to normal by then.