14-Day Couples Yoga Challenge

Beginner/Intermediate | 14 days | 1 class/day


We are launching this 14-Day Challenge for 2 for Valentine’s Day, and it’s perfect for couples and friends hoping to practice together.

You could be any 2 people - parent and child, married couple, non-married couple, siblings, best friends, etc. - it doesn’t matter (it may be more accurate to call this our 2- Person Yoga Challenge). Whoever you are, doing 14 days of yoga together can be a lovely bonding experience. It’s all about having fun, feeling great and sharing your experience with others!

This challenge has shorter classes during the week and longer ones on the weekend. The final day of each week (day 7 and 14) features a gentle class, giving you a little break.

Because we are launching this on Valentine’s Day, 2019, Day 1 is a Thursday and the long classes are on Days 3, 4, 10 and 11.

To join: If you already have a subscription, you don't need to do anything. If you are not a subscriber, choose an option on the right to enter the challenge - $14 to just do this challenge (that you can access forever), or a subscription that auto-renews for $10/month or $99/year.

Want to join but are short on cash? Apply for a bursary.

Have fun and share with us in the comment section below!

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nini 1 week ago

I really enjoy doing yoga with you specially Kundalini Yoga,
Thank you.