30-Day Athletes' PNF Stretching Challenge


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Challenge Description
Over 30 days of daily videos, David teaches you how to harness the power of a stretching technique called PNF (proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation) to improve your flexibility quickly and safely. PNF increases joint range of motion by working with a natural neurological response within all of us called the inverse stretch reflex. Each video in this challenge is 7-12 minutes long, with each stretch repeated three times.




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Nancy Bain 4 months ago

Loved having them sent to my Inbox. Worked for first 2 days and then stopped. Why the change?

wongey 11 months ago

I completed this challenge by doing five lessons in the morning and five in the evening for three days in a row, in the order that they are offered. My body feels great and pain free. These lessons offered a great opportunity to learn about different muscle groups and to understand the way my body feels when I isolate the stretches to those groups. This will undoubtedly improve my intermediate-advanced daily yoga practice from this point forward. The consistent resting in between sides and poses gave me time to meditate, which turned out to be a huge bonus. A couple of suggestions for improvement: for the seated poses where our legs are crossed - the crossing of the legs should also be switched between sides to balance out the hips; also, the audio in some of the videos could be louder. But other than that, the videos were great and I learned a lot from this challenge. Many thanks to David and the DYWM team!

leason 1 year ago

Working my way through one or two stretches each day along with a more general practice. Like the challenge structure.#dywm2020newyearschallenge

smancusi 1 year ago

This is so helpful! I've been dealing with a lot of inflammation and soreness, particularly around the piriformis and I'm feeling so much better after just a week with this challenge.

ejanedelong 1 year ago

I have a hip injury and these PNF stretches are helping me heal more quickly -- thank you!

LouiseF 1 year ago

I'm loving this challenge so far - I warm up with 3 rounds of sun salutations, then do a class or two each day. I love how direct and to the point the sessions are, allowing to focus on those tighter areas. Once I've completed the challenge, I will definitely be revisiting specific sessions to help support all overall wellbeing and the rest of my exercises and yoga practice. I am feeling so much looser across particularly my shoulders.