14-Day Beginner Slow Flow Challenge with Guy Friswell

Beginner | 14 days | 1 class/day


This 14-day yoga challenge provides a series of accessible classes that focus on a slow, flowing, breath-centered approach to the yoga practice. Whether you’re a beginning student or a seasoned practitioner, younger or older, this series has something for everyone.

It includes foundational classes focused on specific themes - like hips, knees, and shoulders - and full-spectrum classes that combine foundational skills into overall practices. Guy’s straightforward and light-hearted approach to this series includes guidance on breathwork, body alignment, transitional movement, inner awareness and more. Prepare to get grounded AND have some fun!

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fact11 1 week ago

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jeanquillen 2 months ago

I did enjoy this challenge. I am not a beginner but sometimes it's good to review the basics! I especially liked the short class on transitions. I hadn't thought of transitioning in just that way before.

SunflourGirl 2 months ago

Really enjoyed these classes and the instructor. I will be revisiting some of the classes.

PianoWire 3 months ago

Thanks for this well-planned, comprehensive series, Guy. I got through most of the lessons, but the seated forward folds were far beyond my flexibility range. With my butt raised 5 or 6 inches off the mat, just sitting upright produces an intense stretch. If you remake any of the lessons in this series, please consider suggesting adaptations for those of us who don't bend forward.

harrij 4 months ago

Thank you Guy, my partner and I just completed the 14 day challenge during lockdown in Scotland, although it took us 2 months! For relative novices your classes are great and we love your relaxed and easy style that gives us confidence to try the pose and not worry about getting it wrong!

Camomilla 6 months ago

I've just concluded the challenge – I moved here after finishing "Basics and Beyond", which I had greatly enjoyed, and I am glad to report that I enjoyed this one , too! As someone said in the comments to the "Yang to Yin" video, "I loved holding the poses long enough to experience them fully". As much as I like a good flow, I find that spending more time in a certain pose is more useful at this stage of my practice. I also appreciated the repetition offered in certain sequences, like on Day 7. It was new to me, and had a very good effect.
Thanks a lot Guy and DYWM! Now on to Rachel's 7 day challenge.

samori 6 months ago

Up until 4+ years ago I was a decades long active yogi. A herniated disk put a kink in my practice. I recently joined doyogawithme as an aid to reestablishing my home practice. Beginning with Guy Friswell’s 14 Day Challenge has proven the right choice. I knew I needed to start with a beginner’s mind and this challenge provides the perfect vehicle to identify what changes happen when one transitions from 65 to 70, what remains possible, what requires adaptation. I feel I have the impetus and tools to proceed to reignite my home practice. Kudos, thanks and Namaste...Stephen