14-Day Beginner Slow Flow Challenge with Guy Friswell

Beginner | 14 days | 1 class/day


This 14-day yoga challenge provides a series of accessible classes that focus on a slow, flowing, breath-centered approach to the yoga practice. Whether you’re a beginning student or a seasoned practitioner, younger or older, this series has something for everyone.

It includes foundational classes focused on specific themes - like hips, knees, and shoulders - and full-spectrum classes that combine foundational skills into overall practices. Guy’s straightforward and light-hearted approach to this series includes guidance on breathwork, body alignment, transitional movement, inner awareness and more. Prepare to get grounded AND have some fun!

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Camomilla 1 month ago

I've just concluded the challenge – I moved here after finishing "Basics and Beyond", which I had greatly enjoyed, and I am glad to report that I enjoyed this one , too! As someone said in the comments to the "Yang to Yin" video, "I loved holding the poses long enough to experience them fully". As much as I like a good flow, I find that spending more time in a certain pose is more useful at this stage of my practice. I also appreciated the repetition offered in certain sequences, like on Day 7. It was new to me, and had a very good effect.
Thanks a lot Guy and DYWM! Now on to Rachel's 7 day challenge.

samori 1 month ago

Up until 4+ years ago I was a decades long active yogi. A herniated disk put a kink in my practice. I recently joined doyogawithme as an aid to reestablishing my home practice. Beginning with Guy Friswell’s 14 Day Challenge has proven the right choice. I knew I needed to start with a beginner’s mind and this challenge provides the perfect vehicle to identify what changes happen when one transitions from 65 to 70, what remains possible, what requires adaptation. I feel I have the impetus and tools to proceed to reignite my home practice. Kudos, thanks and Namaste...Stephen