Yoga Therapy for the Shoulders and Upper Back

Erica Fritch
Yoga Therapy
Yoga for Back Care
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This short shoulder sequence is for everyone - yoga practitioners, office workers, weight lifters, new moms, musicians, and everyone else who uses their hands and arms throughout the day. These therapeutic exercises are not yoga poses, but will help you with your asana practice and will generally give you more space and mobility in your shoulders. Practice regularly to bring ease to your body at work and at home.


Fantastic! Definitely
Nyamyj 1 day ago

Fantastic! Definitely created space and fluidity. I will be doing this short bit sweet practice a few times a week.

Just the job
Goldilox1 2 weeks ago

Have tried this one twice now and seems to do the trick in a) releasing any tension and b) resetting my shoulders into a better postural alignment. Its quick and easy too, so will definitely look to incorporate into say a warm down after working out the shoulders.

Shoulder popping and cracking sounds.
Francine P 1 month ago

Wow! it felt good and difficult, will know tomorrow or the next day if I overdid it. Should I worry about the popping and cracking sounds in my shouders mostly the left one...
I have been avoiding yoga the last few months because my left shoulder and arm were aching when I pulled them back.
Now I feel ready to overcome this. Do you have any more suggestions.

Re: shoulders
David Procyshyn 1 month ago

Hi Francine. I think your approach is a good one, to wait to see how it feels tomorrow. In general popping sounds are ok, but you want to be aware that it isn't coming with discomfort or pain.

I have a few great classes for the shoulders, as do other instructors. Go to the search box above, type in 'shoulders' and try some of those classes.

Take care,

David DoYogaWithMe Founder

Yay for popping
spidercles 8 months ago

Wow, I feel so good after doing this. Especially when my spine did some popping with the brick under shoulders! Loved the other brick move too. Thank you!

marykmix 8 months ago

I'm going to try this during the work day! (the standing part at least) Great and simple release for shoulders.

good plan!
Erica Fritch 8 months ago

Great plan, marykmix! Putting little bits of mobility work into your day is so helpful . Even if you just do one exercise at a time, multiple times through your work day, you will feel the difference. And it makes it so much more sustainable and attainable to do it that way rather than think you need to spend an hour doing something.

Great for releasing tension!
code3chica 1 year ago

I have had pain my shoulders/neck/upper back for two days. I haven't had time for a good deep tissue massage, but this quick stretching routine really helped ease some of that really deep pain!

Excellent! Thanks! I am a
Barbara1969 1 year ago

Excellent! Thanks! I am a beginner and I haven't so much time so it's perfect for me!

Easy to follow, targeted
rachorse 1 year ago

Easy to follow, targeted stretches.