Yoga for Cultivating Pleasure

Ron Stewart
Instructor Ron Stewart
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This intermediate flow class is all about exploring pleasurable sensations in your body. Ron helps you flow through postures while staying connected to your breath and savouring your bodily sensations. His goal is to help you understand what is pleasurable on your mat, so that you are better able to find and cultivate pleasure in other areas of your life.

Equipment: Bolster
Style: Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga


Ron Stewart 1 week ago

Hi Healthy2016 - I love that you adapted the class to suit your needs, this to me feels like a mature practice! Hope the hip is feeling relief! Ron

Ricky 4 weeks ago

For my sunday morning practice was it a real pleasure!!!

ag329 1 month ago

Beautiful practice! Boy, that was a fast hour! ;)
Thank you, Ron for your clear direction, (especially since I wasn't wearing my contacts and can't really see the screen clearly!)
Your pace was perfect and I feel great! Enjoying your classes every time.

mtngirl 1 month ago

Great class, I feel stretched, yawned and joyful. Thank you Ron

Heather66 1 month ago

An exquisite practice Ron. The form and pace were perfect. Loved the idea of feeling the pleasure in the movement and shapes of the body and breath. Too often we forget to really pay attention to this precious moment in life. This particular focus of feeling the pleasure kept the focus soft and the movement fluid.
In gratitude
Namaste Ron

LucyHB 1 month ago

Lovely class, thanks Ron! A welcome reminder that our yoga practice ought to be a pleasure and never a chore. Nice mindful flow

Paulette9 1 month ago

Oh my Gosh! What an incredible class!! Thank you , Ron, for reminding me to find pleasure on my yoga mat and off my yoga mat! I loved the visual of allowing the body to yawn in each of the poses. You had a wonderful selection of poses and gave me time to truly open and feel in each pose. My body feels very alive after your class. I also found myself smiling throughout the class - what a great plus! Thank you, Ron for this great new addition to our already great Do Yoga With Me!!!

Culpritsmom 1 month ago

Such a lovely practice. It really helps as I’m trying to learn to be more mindful and live in the present. I always enjoy Ron’s classes. I am also very excited that this is an intermediate Hatha class. I’ve reached an age where I have no need for speed but want to find ways to stay balanced, strong, and flexible. This class was such a gift. I will be returning to it regularly.

deborahcb 1 month ago

What a lovely, contemplative, empowering practice. Thank you, Ron, for helping me slow down, appreciate my body in space and seek out movements that make me feel good. I liked how you connected this philosophy of pursuing pleasure in our bodies into our lives as well.