Yin Yoga for the Shoulders

Sarah Jane Steele
Instructor Sarah Jane Steele
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This yin yoga class helps you release the deeper tension around the shoulders, arms and upper back. Sarah's gentle, encouraging guidance helps you get through the discomfort of holding a stretch for a few minutes, particularly the poses that are uncomfortable the moment you move into them. Note: to learn how to make your own bolster at home, click here.

Equipment: Block, Bolster, Chair, Blankets
Style: Yin Yoga


EmilyinSussex 6 months ago

Suffering chronic shoulder and neck pain due to modern life strains. Just discovered this lovely class, will try daily for a week and report back!

gretchenc 1 year ago

Here's a tip for an easy DIY bolster - tightly roll up an old yoga mat! Worked great for me.

little-big 1 year ago

As something with a chronic lung condition which left my shoulders slouched forward from all of the intense coughing, I have been using this practice to help me open up my chest and shoulders to help alleviate some of that tension that has built up over the last several years. I am now almost two years post lung transplant, and this practice, along with others here on this site, has finally allowed me to gain some relief and openness within my own body. Time and time again I have read about people feeling an emotional release at the end of a practice, and I am so blessed to say that I finally have felt that experience upon completion of this particular class today. It has become one of my favorites.
Thank you so much.

Nyamyj 1 year ago

This really opened up tight shoulders. Beautiful choice of music too. Thank you Sarah.

soshedid86 1 year ago

I'm still recovering from a shoulder injury several years back and am usually reluctant when it comes to stretching my shoulders in any way. This was perfect for me! I need to practice with these postures more often and appreciate your clear and gentle guidance ♡

CristinaAurelia 1 year ago

Sarah, thank you so much for this energizer. It's first thing in the morning, and I'm feeling on top of the world now. Look out world....here I come! :)

lindsayburt4 2 years ago

I simply loved this practice today. I had a particularly stressful day yesterday and slept very poorly. Since I carry most of my stress in my neck and shoulders, this practice helped me open up those areas and let things go (physically and mentally). Thank you!

jklebenov 2 years ago

I did this after surfing today. It was wonderful. Thank-you!

Rtwlynn 2 years ago

This is just what I was looking for. The perfect sequence for opening my shoulders and chest. Thank you.

Radlh0 2 years ago

Love the 30 day challenge even though I did not do them all, or sequentially, but has opened me up to new classes and teachers. Love Sarah Jane and discovering Yin postures. My shoulders feel so much better. I will be doing this one regularly. Also ,loved the lower spine one. Thank you .