Vinyasa Yoga for Lower Back Care: Stability

Fiji McAlpine
Instructor Fiji McAlpine
Average: 4.9 (152 votes)
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In the first class in Fiji's series on Yoga for Lower Back Care, Fiji spends time on how to activate the core and stabilize the body in order to protect the back and strengthen our natural support mechanisms. This is particularly important in a vinyasa flow, since poses like chaturanga and upward facing dog can be hard on the lower back if not done properly, but it's even more important in daily life when we're walking, running, lifting, reaching and working. The entire program, Vinyasa Yoga for Lower Back Care, can be found on our Yoga Programs page.

Equipment: Strap
Style: Vinyasa Yoga, Yoga for Back Care


chopper 3 years ago

I loved this class I liked the peacefulness and as I have lower back issues this will be my go to class I liked the variation of new poses and my aim is to get my knee to float one day!
Good workout great stretches and again you nailed it figi

pvetsen 3 years ago

Thank you so much for this, I'm grateful for the awareness I'm developing around my back and hamstrings! If you are planning on doing more series like this, a wrist-oriented one would be very much appreciated as well :)

thank you as always for all the incredible work you do

PhoenixNz 3 years ago

Another great class from Fiji. I was planning on doing connection to core but this new one caught my eye and I'm glad I tried it today, sometimes it's good to do a slower practice the rewards really are just as good! Thanks Fiji:)