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SIMPLE STEPS TO A BETTER PRACTISE. Let our yoga programs be your guide, creating a structured series to help you get the most out of our online videos. Each one of these programs has been designed to move you toward a particular goal in a safe, efficient way. Choose one from the list and get started!

Programs with an "Access" button are freely available for you to start. Simply click on the button and start whenever you would like.

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Establish Your Core Stability and Strength

To help you understand how to engage and strengthen your core so you do yoga safely
Beginner 21 Days 15-60 min/day 3 classes/week

Learning how to engage and strengthen your core helps you in all aspects of life, not only yoga. If you dedicate time to this, it will help you find an inner power that will support you in all things that you do in life. It will also help you feel a lightness in your body and a healthy length in your spine.

Establish Your Core Stability and Strength

Vinyasa Yoga for Lower Back Care with Fiji McAlpine

To learn how to take care of your back while doing a vinyasa yoga practice.
Intermediate 7 days 15-45min/day 4 classes/week

Fiji's clear, concise guidance is exactly what you need if you love doing challenging classes, but sometimes feel like you're not protecting your lower back enough. Fiji takes you through a step-by-step process, over four classes, to instill in you a solid understanding of core stability, alignment and overall strength and power. She will also take you through some delicious, deep releases for your hips and lower back! Please note that if you are looking for yoga for back pain, do this program carefully, with the guidance of a health professional.

Vinyasa Yoga for Lower Back Care with Fiji McAlpine

Beginner Yoga for Optimal Lower Back Health

To improve lower back health through flexibility, strength and relaxation.
Beginner 30 Days 15-60min/day 3-5 classes/week

In this beginner program you will use core strength to strengthen your body and provide the support that your lower back needs, while using lower back stretches, and a variety of other stretches, to releasing key 'back-pain' muscles that are often responsible for the pain and discomfort you may be feeling. You will also learn to relax your nervous system, the source of tension in your body, and that will help you further release the pattern of tension that is causing the problems you are experiencing. Please note that if you are looking for yoga for back pain, do this program carefully, with the guidance of a health professional.

Beginner Yoga for Optimal Lower Back Health

Energize Your Body and Mind

To release stress from your body, feel more energized and positive
Intermediate 30 days 3 classes

This program helps you feel more energized in your day-to-day life by releasing tension, sparking your internal fire and clearing fears and insecurities from your mind. With a wide range of teachers and styles, you will have no trouble feeling engaged. The classes are uplifting and encouraging, improving the way you feel every day and motivating you to roll out your mat, even when you're tired.

Energize your Body and Mind

Beginner Yoga for Strength and Flexibility

Improve your strength and increase your flexibility
Beginner 30 days 3 classes

This program is designed over 30 days to help you improve the strength and flexibility of your entire body. The schedule is flexible, allowing you to do each class on one of two days, while completing three yoga classes and one guided audio meditation each week. The classes in this program range from gentle beginner to challenging beginner and are offered by a number of different instructors teaching a wide range of styles. Their precise, high-quality instruction will help you not only become stronger and more flexible, but you will also realize the many benefits of a regular yoga practice.

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Yoga for MMA

To make you a stronger, more efficient and effective fighter
Intermediate 8 Weeks 4 Classes

Yoga and MMA share many common goals, such as humility, mental calm and a respect for tradition. They are also powerful spiritual and physical practices that tap into the deeper core of who you are. This makes them natural complements to one another. What yoga can offer MMA is a practice that quickly increases flexibility and core strength, elements that MMA fighters rely on to manoeuvre and over-power their opponents. This program is designed to do exactly that, while improving recovery time and endurance, so you can train harder and improve faster.

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Yoga For Runners

To improve your performance and help keep you injury free.
Beginner 6 Weeks 4 Classes

This yoga program directly addresses the physical demands that are part of an intense training regime, keeping you injury-free, improving your performance and shortening your recovery time. The selection of classes are designed to target key muscles that play a significant role in running; muscles that often become tight are stretched, while muscles that are commonly weak are strengthened.

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Intermediate to Advanced Power Yoga

To progress from intermediate to advanced in power yoga
Intermediate 6 Weeks 4 Classes

Are you an experienced power yoga student who is looking to up your game? In this 6-week program you will gradually do more difficult classes. Along the way, you will most likely find yourself attempting poses you have never done before, or have only seen someone else do. With your confidence, strength and flexibility building, the last week presents a set of advanced classes that will knock your socks off! Get ready for a challenge and get ready to feel very, very good.

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