Stretch and Strengthen

Guy Friswell
Instructor Guy Friswell
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In this accessible class, Guy leads you through the primary movements of major joints in your body, focusing on both stretching and strengthening the muscles that support your joints. This is a good all-around practice to get you moving comfortably!

This can either be done as a stand-alone class or as Day 3 of Total Body Flexibility And Health 14-Day Yoga Challenge For Men.

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Equipment: None
Style: Hatha Yoga, Yoga for Strength


Guy Friswell 5 days ago

Understandably the L-sit is not accessible to most folks without practice, I agree. My reasoning behind including this: this video part of a challenge targeted at beginning men and I wanted to show that yoga isn’t all about being bendy. Strength is also important. And this pose would be almost achievable by an inflexible but strong male ... perhaps challenging and encouraging them to consider the potential benefits of a dedicated yoga practice. So, it was a bit of spice, for sure, and something to build towards. Thanks for watching! Guy

PianoWire 5 days ago

Thanks for the explanation, Guy. I understand your intent, but I found that demonstration somewhat discouraging. I felt the same way I feel when a teacher encourages a beginner class to follow them into plow pose. I'm probably close to having enough strength to L-sit, but I don't ever expect to achieve the required flexibility. After nearly two years of yoga practice, I can't come close to straightening my legs in down dog. (By the way, I know more women than men who can L-sit.) Namaste.

SMZalokar 1 week ago

Great class. I did this one on my lunch break and feel really stretched and strong.