Slow Flow with a Touch of Core

Melissa Krieger
Instructor Melissa Krieger
Average: 4.8 (25 votes)
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This gentle beginner practice with Melissa is a full body slow flow with a sprinkling of core work throughout. Note: You will need a block or pillow for this practice.

Equipment: Block
Style: Gentle Yoga, Slow Flow


Lollyb 1 week ago

I loved this class and the choices given throughout the class to meet my needs. I was “sticky” in a few places throughout my body and this class helped to smooth everything out. Thanks for a great class, Melissa!

VLyoga 1 week ago

Fabulous to wrap up a humid muggy day….thank you

salvino28 2 weeks ago

Another great class from Melissa. This is quickly becoming one of my favorites. Thank you so much.

Neita 3 weeks ago

A nice grounding practice for a Full Moon day; settles down the restless energy. Thank you!

kimchi 3 weeks ago

Nice gentle full body flow for when I was feeling a bit depleted but also craving some yoga.

moflrnz 3 weeks ago

Loved the class, as usual with Melissa's classes. In my humble opinion, though, this class should be ranked as Beginner II. I usually find Intermediate classes too challenging to follow them through completely, and that didn't happen while following this one, because even for the more demanding bits of the class, easier options were offered every time. Of course, I'm only based on my own experience, but I nearly skipped it seeing it was an Intermediate class. So my suggestion mainly intends that other beginners won't miss it assuming it will be too hard for them.

Melissa Krieger 3 weeks ago

Hi! I agree with you and didn't notice that is was listed as intermediate 1 and not beginner 2. I flagged it and send it over to the higher powers at DYWM and hope to get that adjusted. Thanks for reaching out!

sydnirae 1 month ago

Perfect pace of strength and stretch after a stressful week of limited sleep and lots of walking in high heels!