Seize the Moment

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Seize the Moment

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Instructor Tracey Noseworthy
Average: 4.9 (121 votes)
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This vinyasa flow class is a fluid practice balanced in breath and movement. Leave the “to do lists” off the mat and take the time to be with yourself. Arm balances, hip openers, and standing postures are explored. Notice how we can slow down time and strengthen both the muscles of the mind and body.

Equipment: None
Style: Power Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Yoga for Athletes


Great class, as ...
LloydE 12 hours ago

Great class, as previously mentioned, very well judged, the hour flew by!

Such a fabulous ...
Krenela 17 hours ago

Such a fabulous class! Usually I am looking at the clock by 40 minutes in but not in this one. Tracey knows just how far to push to be effective and then quickly transition before you lose focus.

A slower pace ...
micjea 22 hours ago

A slower pace than I am used to for a power yoga class, but very invigorating, challenging and relaxing at the same time!

A nice long ...
conlee 1 day ago

A nice long lesson with challenging transitions

This class was ... 2 days ago

This class was such an enjoyable workout - got me sweating and stretching and challenging myself in new ways. This was my first (not very graceful) attempt at a headstand. Will focus on carefully developing that skill and then revisiting this class again!

I like a ...
Bonnelyn 2 days ago

I like a class this length. I’d like to see a challenge with selections for longer or harder choices

really nice blend ...
smaier 2 days ago

really nice blend of effort and relaxation

I love how ...
SuzannaKate 2 days ago

I love how Tracey eases you into this class. So satisfying to progress through the postures under her lovely guidance!