Reclaim Your Joy

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Nicky Jones
Hatha Yoga
Gentle Yoga
Yoga for Anxiety/Stress
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Nicky delivers a sweet, heart-centered yoga class to help release your grief and reclaim your joy. If you are not experiencing grief, do not rule this class out. Nicky is at her absolute best, guiding you with such care through a flow that focuses on opening up the heart and the hips, while returning to forgiveness, self-love and acceptance. Who wouldn't love that?


I loved this Yoga practice!
Heidi N. 9 months ago

I loved this Yoga practice! It both relaxed me and brought renewed strength!
Thank You!!

birdnthesky 12 months ago

I loved this video. Nicky's voice was the perfect match for this routine. I went into it with a little anxiety and bundled up emotion I didn't understand. I came out of it with a peaceful, calm, grateful for the day feeling. It was also a great total body stretch.

Postpartum/Body Trauma

My first time returning to my mat since giving birth last year. Sweet, balanced, and necessary. Nicky's gentle guidance and permission-giving -- and even her soft, relaxed giggles -- were a gift.

Such a beautiful, sweet class
Janemorris101 1 year ago

Such a beautiful, sweet class and teacher. Thank you so much x

I am somehow new to yoga (let
irevege 1 year ago

I am somehow new to yoga (let's say I am re-discovering it) and this has been my first video on And I'm sure this is not going to be my last one. Thank you Nicky.

So Peaceful
Christine Morgan 1 year ago

Letting go of grief was precisely what I needed today, but even if I didn't have that in my heart, this would still have been a blissful, peaceful whole-body meditation. I barely noticed the passage of time.

Did this video change?
sreilley 1 year ago

I LOVE Nicky's videos. I do them regularly and they're my home base, my go-to's. It seems like this is a different video than what used to be here. Instead of "Reclaim Your Joy" it's about grief. Is it possible to get the old video back in this place and ALSO have the grief video available separately?

I miss the old one!!! and also welcome lots of new Nicky, whatever she wants to create.

Man, I'm really disappointed about the switch.

I had stepped away from my
ktlady 1 year ago

I had stepped away from my practice for a while and I'm not entirely sure why. Today, my body just told me, you need to reconnect with your mat. I found this class and while grief healing was not my main intention for practice, this class was exactly what I needed to reconnect with my mat and my body. Thank you so much for this wonderful, healing class. I will be doing this again.

Excited and feeling blessed!!
Sam9 2 years ago

It's been about three weeks since my last yoga practice. My yoga teacher is no longer teaching during the time I can make it and she teaches a very meditative and therapeutic approach. It's so much more rewarding for me and there are no classes out there like it. I found this website determined to start a yoga practice today. Hope has arrived, hurray, in finding this amazing website. I am so grateful to Nicky for being so kind and gentle in my first practice on here, she is an amazing teacher and I totally love her approach to the gentle yoga and breathing technique she uses. I am forever grateful and blessed to be introduced to this website and excited!! Hugs!!