Reclaim Your Joy

Nicky Jones
Instructor Nicky Jones
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Nicky delivers a sweet, heart-centered yoga class to help release your grief and reclaim your joy. If you are not experiencing grief, do not rule this class out. Nicky is at her absolute best, guiding you with such care through a flow that focuses on opening up the heart and the hips, while returning to forgiveness, self-love and acceptance. Who wouldn't love that?

Equipment: None
Style: Gentle Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Yoga for Anxiety Stress


JennRM 1 month ago

Many thanks. I sprained my ankle 3 days ago but I was able to do the entire class and it feels better; I feel better.

Nouran Jerjous 1 month ago

Thank you Nicky. I liked the pace of your class. I felt much better after the class.

oakhazel 1 year ago

Once again Nicky delivers a wonderful class. I love your approach. The pace is perfect, as are the instructions. Very relaxing and releasing. Lovely music which helps with the mindful meditative feel of the class. This is on my favourite list. Can we please have more classes from Nicky.

Helen Alford 1 year ago

My dog died yesterday after I nursed him for three days and I'd been crying ever since. I felt exhausted by waves of grief as I've never been separate from him since the day he was born 12 years ago. This practice brought me back to a sense of peace and stillness, I smiled for the first time in 5 days and instead of the aching loss I felt him close to me again. It makes me realise how powerful yoga is and the big role it's playing in transforming my life. This was a wonderful practice and I'm so glad I made myself do it! Thanks so much.

Heidi N. 2 years ago

I loved this Yoga practice! It both relaxed me and brought renewed strength!
Thank You!!

birdnthesky 3 years ago

I loved this video. Nicky's voice was the perfect match for this routine. I went into it with a little anxiety and bundled up emotion I didn't understand. I came out of it with a peaceful, calm, grateful for the day feeling. It was also a great total body stretch.

Marceline Abadeer 3 years ago

My first time returning to my mat since giving birth last year. Sweet, balanced, and necessary. Nicky's gentle guidance and permission-giving -- and even her soft, relaxed giggles -- were a gift.