Put Your Foot Behind Your Head

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Instructor Crista Shillington
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If you want to impress people at your next social event, there's no better way than to put your foot behind your head (Eka Pada Sirsasana), or even better, both feet behind your head (Yoganidrasana)! This full-length class teaches you how to move toward that peak pose gradually and safely, warming up and stretching the muscles in the legs, hips and lower back in order to achieve the full pose without risk of getting hurt. Crista's smiles and wonderful guidance is the icing on the cake.

Equipment: None
Style: Vinyasa Yoga


Thumbs up for you
DanielAnthony12 1 year ago

Thumbs up for you! Internal Sources of Information: we talking, beer, coffee tea? What sort of strength?


Tapped into so much inner joy
MJC 1 year ago

Tapped into so much inner joy during this class and I almost got my foot behind my head!!! Thank you so much Crista!

Great Tips, Great Video and
ayeshagurgaon 1 year ago

Great Tips, Great Video and Great Class by you. I really appreciate the way you have expressed your experience through your video. Gurgaon Fairy

Thank You!
mrswright2015 1 year ago

Wow! This flow was amazing. I have never done sparkle fingers during triangle pose. Also, doing 3 oms during crow pose was new (and challenging) to me. This is a class I will return to again and again as my practice continues to grow.

Go for it!
mntmadre 1 year ago

I was afraid to try this, thinking it would be too hard. It was great, I felt my hips and legs opening more than ever before. I feel so light and happy right now. Give it a try if you're nervous!!

Nice and fun
marcopalla 2 years ago

She has contagious smile! very nice fast vinyasa, some serious hips opener, nice class. I've failed peak pose, dwi pada sirsasana, both feet behind head, a good reason to come back again :-D

Great for increasing hip flexibility!
chefgirl 2 years ago

This video is perfect for me as I'm working to increase the very limited flexibility in my hips. I love Crista's positive attitude and vibes. More Advanced videos from Crista, please!

I absolutely love Crista's
LucyHB 2 years ago

I absolutely love Crista's classes, and this is one of my favorites of all of them - so fun, inventive and challenging, and such sweet hip openers as well as some good core and upper arm work. It is thanks to your amazing teachers like Crista that I keep coming to the mat day after day, week after week - I have been using this site for years now and thanks to your fabulous variety of classes I have never once got bored, ad I love the fact that I have progressed from absolute beginner to dedicated and very flexible yogi.. So much gratitude to everybody involved. Thanks for this class Crista, and thanks to the whole team!

Tough in parts but fun
Kiratee 2 years ago

So many Vinyasa teachers flow from pose to pose giving no chance for you to actually feel or breathe. Not you, Christa! I love that you give some space to the poses and your pacing is fantastic. Despite there being some pretty challenging poses in this sequence I never felt discouraged or too tired to continue. Thank you - you're a lovely teacher. Thank you to all at DYWM for giving us such high-quality teaching - for free. You rock!! :)